Reviewing The Balm Jour Creamy Lip Stain

The Balm sent me a package with all the shades of their new Creamy Lip Stain and  I am so excited to be sharing this product with you guys! The Balm Jour Creamy Lip Stain comes in 8 different shades and are named by greeting phrases from different countries round the word. You can find shades as Hello, Ni Hao, Ciao and more in the collection.

This is what The Balm says about the product on their website –

" Introducing theBalmJour, a lip stain that’s going to change the way you think about your gloss game. The unique formula of polymers (that’s a fancy word for how molecules bind together) allows the flexibility for it to start as a gloss, deliver the pigment of a lipstick, have a soft and creamy texture, and finish as a stain. Finally, a formula with non-drying staying power that moisturizes and delivers long-wearing high pigment which speaks to you in many different languages. This creamy, long lasting lip stain is turning heads around the world. Get ready for a sunny forecast with a mix of stain and shine! "

I definitely agree to most of what The Balm is saying about their Lip Stain. I did a wear test of the shade Konnichiwa and it is so far my favorite shade. It matches pretty well with my natural lip color so it adds sheen and evenness without looking like I am wearing anything. The formula is creamy but very opaque. It blends out effortlessly and makes it look like a stained gloss on your lips. I have not had any problems with my lips being dried out by the lip stain. Even after hours of wear the color remained on my lips. The sheen disappears after a few drinks and some food. But, the stained color stays on for hours. The closeup of the Lip stain was taken about 4 hours after I applied it.

These Lip Stains are only $14 each and can be found at I also hope that you haven’t missed that I have shared some of my favorite #NationalLipstickDay deals on my blog. Click here to read that post and get some great deals, and even some free lip products this weekend!

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