Summer Glow Makeup look with Laura Mercier

It has been a while since I shared a makeup look. It was finally time to do it again and I am so happy to partner up today with Laura Mercier. And show you some of my favorite products to use this summer to get the perfect summer look! My ideal summer look is light, fresh and easy but with a fun colorful twist – like a fun lipstick. And it must last all day!

laura mercier, flawless fusion ultra-longwear foundation, foundation primer, candle glow concealer and highlighter, translucent powder, Face Illuminator Powder,Above are my top essential Laura Mercier products and they can all be bought at Sephora. I have owned some products since previously and they have been among my all time favorites. Others are completely new to me, and happily surprised me. The Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is definitely one of my holy grail products. But we will get to that soon.

A good base is always key to me. You want to find a primer that suits you and focuses on targeting your problems like redness, pores or dryness. You also want it to elevate your foundation. During the summer it is also important to use a SPF to protect your skin from the sun. I used the original foundation primer from Laura Mercier to create this look. It has vitamin A,D and E and has a water based formula. But if I was to spend the day outside I would have gone with the Foundation Primer Protect that has a SPF of 30.

laura mercier, flawless fusion ultra-longwear foundation, foundation primer, candle glow concealer and highlighterI also got to try out the new Flawless Fusion Ultra Long-Wear Foundation that is being released on July 6th at Sephora. I could have probably gone up a shade but the foundation itself was incredible. It was extremely light but had very nice coverage. I rarely find foundations that doesn’t patch up any dry spots that I may have and at the end of the day it didn’t look greasy. The Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter is also a new product with a click end to release function and sponge tip. Together they work extremely well . To set my entire look I used my favorite setting powder of all time – the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

Just like many other beauty fanatics, the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder has been a holy grail product among my collection since I first got hands on it. I use it to bake. I use it to lightly set my concealer and foundation. And I use it as an eyeshadow base. There are just so many things you can do with a good translucent powder! It comes in two shades – Translucent and Translucent Medium Deep. To ensure it suites any skin tone. Besides from ensuring that my makeup stays in place and looks fresh all day the powder has some other amazing features as well. The thicker than usual formula blends flawlessly and has a no flashback formula! It will not settle into your crease or pores while creating a sheer matte finish that lasts you all day.

Shop my favorite Laura Mercier products here.

This post was sponsored by Influenster and Laura Mercier. All text and opinions are my own.


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  1. It sure has been a while and I’ve missed your makeup reviews and tutorials. I’ve never tried Laura Mercier before and won’t try the whole range, but for my photo shoots I always need to be my own MUA and would love to try both the concealer and the foundation in this series, not to mention the primer and end it up with a setting powder. Your skin looks fresh and radiant, just like it should in the summer!
    Thomas xx

  2. I have been using Laura Mercier as well and absolutely love the light texture on the skin. You should make a video next time how do you do your make over. I would love to watch. I am quite bad at make up and try to watch how other people do it.

  3. Laura Mercier’s cosmetics are a big hit here in Asia however they don’t really go well with my sensitive skin. Your complexion looks fab here though 🙂

  4. I love Laura Mercier, it has such great brand with so many great products. I love their primer, it always makes the foundation last longer and speaking of which, the new Flawless Fusion Foundation sounds like a perfect foundation that I have to check out.

    xo Sheree

  5. I’ve always loved Laura Mercier for its high-quality products. And I totally agree, there is no better brand for that to create a light and fresh makeup look because all the products are literally made for that. The lightweight foundation and the translucent setting powder are probably my favourites. They just make your skin glow. But I haven’t tried their Candleglow Concealer, I bet it’s also an amazing product. All in all, I really love the look you’ve created. It’s so fresh and beautiful!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  6. Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    Love the products from Laura Mercier, I never tried anything but Looks Amazing, and I want to give a Try:)
    Your Skin looks Radiant, Beautiful and Fresh:) Plus very Natural:)
    Happy Week
    Kisses Open Kloset By Karina

  7. I haven’t tried too many Laura Mercier products. I only have the translucent powder but I am love with it and it’s about all I use for a translucent powder. I’m always looking to try new foundations but I’ve never found anything that lives up to Estee Lauder double wear so I’m curious to know how you think Flawless Fusion Ultra Long-Wear Foundation compares as they seem to be similar from your description! Also, that highlight! So gorgeous!

    Manda |

  8. I lused to love Laura Mercier back in the day and haven’t used her products in so long! I love this summer glow look! It’s so perfect. I recently ran out of foundation so I’m going to have to try her stuff again

  9. I know first hand how amazing Laura Mercier foundation primer is. I have their hydrating primer and it makes such a difference underneath, especially having dry skin. Please continue doing tutorials ore often; you’re great at them. You rocked these Laura Mercier products!

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