My favorite liner to make the perfect wing

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At first I did everything to not have to make wings – because I literally sucked at making them and couldn’t bother to learn or to spend the time messing up and redoing it. Until I found the Tattoo liner from Kat Von D. It has literally changed my wing game completely! I got a little sample liner from Sephora last year and Im still using it.I do however have a ful sized one as well. I will honestly not go back to any other liner for now because of how easy it is to use and how great the results are. This is truly, probably, the best liner I have ever owned. I also do really, really like the pen one Lancome have. But, I haven’t used it yet that much so I’m gonna need to try that one out more.

It is a liquid liner but the Tattoo liner doesn’t bleed, dries really fast and the applicator has a very fine point making it super easy to apply. I even only use one hand now to apply it! (Yay go me) Also, if you like something more intense (more black) I recommend to use the Tattoo liner to line your wing and then fill it out with the Ink Liner also from Kat von D. Both can be found at Sephora. / I am using the new Modern Renaissance pallet from Anastasia Beverly Hills on my eyes.

Do you have a favorite eyeliner? Please do share I love to try new products! 


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