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My hair has honestly lately been such a struggle to take care of. Not only because of my grey hair period that completely destroyed my hair with all the bleaching. But also small things, like the water in the new house has changed the texture completely. I am looking into shower filters but I’m a little bit unsure about whats good since I’ve never used one before. With that said, lets talk about some of my current favorites for my hair that has helped me a lot lately.

OGX keeps sending me packages, and packages, of different products from their different collections. They have tons of products that is suited for any kinds of hair you can ever imagine. If you follow me on snapchat you know that I get packages from them all the times because I feel like I get them every other week. (I almost think I actually do). I haven’t even had time to try out everything they’ve sent me yet but these 4 products that I am currently using are right now my absolute favorites!


For shampoo and conditioner I right now use the ones from the Anti-Gravity + Hydration O2 collection. They not only smell so good but I really feel like they hydrate, smoothest and gives my hair some volume that it is missing since my hair is super fine. It has just simply worked wonders on my hair – and Im excited to try even more products from other OGX collections. From the same collection I also absolutely love the Gravity-Defying + Hydration weightless oil & lift tonic. It is just a really nice finish to spray in my hair to make sure my hair stays volumised and nice throughout the day.

Another item that I just absolutely love right now is the OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Oil. It seriously smells sooooo good and my hair feel amazing after using it thanks to the coconut oil that is in it. I would probably use this only for the amazing coconut smell. All of these items retails for $7.99 and is super friendly to your wallet if you want to try and discover something new without breaking the bank,n and try different collections to find what suits your hair the best. All these can be found at ULTA as well as other collections.

IMG_3750 IMG_3751

Another one of my favorites right now is The Little Black Box from Dreamdry. The box comes in a value set of one Dream Turban that reduces frizz and helps your hair dry faster without destroying your hair. A hair detangled in silver chrome as well as my absolute favorite item of course – The Dream Dryer. A super sleek hair drying tool. It is very light weight and with several different settings (ON/OFF ION generator switch & 8 speeds) as well as hot or cold air it makes it so much easier to blow-dry the hair. I honestly mostly let my hair airdrop because I have found it hard to blow-dry my hair without making it all frizzy and looking untamable. The Dream Dryer has helped me to learn how to blow-dry my hair and all the different settings makes it easy to adjust to different hair types and needs. The box is $295 ($340 value) but totally worth the investments because you will only need one good tool.

Some items in this post has been sent to me as gifts. This is not a sponsored post and I am not getting paid to write about any of these products. Post may include affiliate links. 


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