Three ways to improve your home with Fab

I am partnering up with and they were kind enough to let me choose a few items from their website. On the website they have a selection of several amazing and unusual designers to make your home more special. I decided to go with a few small items to decorate my new home and make it look nicer and a little bit more modern. Now, there are so many more ways to make your home look more inviting but these are a few simple and small things that I did to make me feel more at home, in my new home.

Switch out your desk lamp.

Before I got this lamp I had one form IKEA. Kind of rustic but very boring and simple. This lamp brings dimensions and adds a really nice and unique touch to the whole desk area. The lamp can als be used as a ceiling lamp. The lamp is form he designer Artecnica and sells for $104, unfortunately this particular one seems to now be out of stock. It drew my attention the most but they have a ton of other lamps similar to this one as well as some very cool neon sign lamps. Find more at under Home and Lightning.

IMG_1759 IMG_1761

Add some decorative Bath Salts.

I wanted to add something to my thumb for the bathroom. I have a huge empty space around my tub and whats more perfect then some decorative bath salts? I thought that these Bath Decorations from Mullein & Sparrow were so adorable and the kit comes with a Bath Salt, a Rose Hydrosol and a Body Oil. This particular set sells for $60 and also comes in Lavender. Mullein & Sparrow have a ton of other things such as beautiful pink bath salt and exfoliants. You can find these under Womens Skin Care & Beauty.

IMG_1763 copy

A useful decoration.

Last but not least is this pineapple tumbler from W&P Design. I just absolutely love to look at this, and I have been wanting one for as long as I can remember. This particular one is the smaller 12oz version in copper ($35). It also comes in gold and in a larger 16oz gold version which also includes a straw ($99). This alone is gorgeous to have just as a decoration, but if you want to be extra fancy it also works as a cup and cupholder. Find it under Home Kithcen & Dining.

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