New house + Makeup space ideas!

I know its been kind of quiet around my social medias but its only because we recently got approved for a new house and we ar moving in less than 2 weeks! I have so much to do!! I cannot express how excited an happy I am about this house. Its going to be marvelous and I am already planning and thinking about every little detail that I am going to do. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you have already gotten a little sneak peak of the house.

I am finally going to have a closet again, this time an amazing walk in closet. And my own bathroom that has a jacuzzi bath. Ugh all the lush bombs I will buy. But the biggest thing that I am excited about is my workspace and my makeup space. I have been looking at so much inspiration on how I want it and how to storage all my stuff because now it is a total chaos. I hope that you all understand that it is a stressful time right now. I am going to try to update as much as possible but please bare with me during this time. It will be so much better once I have moved!

Here are some Workspace and Beauty space ideas that I just wanted to share with you. You can find them all on my Pinterest.



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