Why I won’t be buying anything from the H&M x Balmain collection

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So we have come to that time of the year again when H&M drops their designer collaboration collection. Only this year I am not impressed at all. When they first announced that Balmain was going to be doing the collection this year I was really excited, but now when I have seen the pieces and the prices, Im not that excited anymore. The only things I might consider buying is the Balmain T-shirt and maybe the leather jacket, it depends on its fit. Are you buying anything from the collection?

Yes, it is Balmain. But it is also H&M. Fast affordable fashion with a target market that doesn’t pay that price for clothing pieces. (I am absolutely sure that the collection is gonna sell out in a matter of hours but I am also sure that the people who buy it can afford Balmain from the beginning.) I see so many people who come in and buy as much as they can from these designer collections. Literally they spend thousand and thousands of dollars, to later sell the items at a higher price on eBay. So unfair for us that want one or two pieces, which is the only thing we can afford but can’t get because these people take it all. 

The prices on these pieces ranges up to so much as over $600. Thats is almost what I pay each mont in rent. Would I pay that for a dress that I hardy would be able to wear? Absolutely not. I really wished that they had focused more on timeless and essential pieces rather then a bunch of some really crazy dresses and tops. Even thought there are some amazing pieces they costs as much as a new iPhone. Balmain has so may amazing pieces that I would’ve loved to wear for fall but the collection with H&M is just too over the top. I would rather spend $2000 on a Balmain dress that I can have more use of then $600 on one that I probably only will have hanging in my closet.

I feel that Balmain has become an over hyped designer label because of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. We see them wear the Balmain dresses all the time, and sure they look amazing. But it is not pieces that they wear as an everyday look! Anything that the Kardashian/Jenner clan wears or uses becomes so over hyped and yeah, they are great marketing tools but it feels like this collection might have been different if it weren’t for their bold pieces that has gotten so much attention. We all love them. We all wanna be them. We all wanna look like them. But we all hate them.

Take a look at some of the pieces in the H&M x Balmain collection to the right.

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  1. Håller med dig, vart inte sugen alls i år. Gick in om på vägen hem för att se om det fanns något kvar (samt kolla in allt på provdockorna) och hade turen att hitta det enda plagget jag var intresserad av från början, blazervästen, kunde inte låta bli att slå till men allt annat kändes överprisat och slightly tacky.

    1. Inte jag heller, riktigt besviken! Och det finns inte heller ett enda plagg kvar i butik vilket jag är sååå förvånad över!

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