Sorry Bank account. It’s fall I had too.

Fall is like one of my absolute favorite season because it starts to get all cold an cozy. Of course I had to go into one of my favorite stores Bath & Bodyworks and buy myself some fall candles. I haven’t been to Bath & Bodyworks in like forever. I used to go all crazy in that store because ot the great offers that they have and I would always go back because I would get like 20% off coupons and stuff.


I got 3 new candles this time and kinda just wanted a few for the fall and winter to lit up. I got the Pumpkin Pecan & Waffles, Marshmallow Fireside and Buttercream Icing. Holy moly how sweet they smell! I also liked a whole lot of other candles but settled for these three for now.

They all had like different lids for the season which I love. Bath & Bodyworks come out with new designs for all their candles every year which I think is so smart, makes me wanna get new ones every year! Im gonna start with the Marshmallow Fireside candle, it seriously makes my room smell so incredibly good.

What scent is your favorite fall scent?




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