Start off your day with Plenti Greek Yogurt

Now if you know me, Im the worst at eating breakfast. Im tired in the mornings, too lazy to even care. I wake up, brush my hair, my teeth, pick up some clothes and Im off to wherever I need to go that day. Im also too lazy to prepare breakfast the evening before so Id rather buy something on my way or just grab a Coffee. Not good, I know. But i have Plenti to tell you guys.

I did pick up some Plenti Greek Yogurt from Yoplait, their new Plenti Greek Yogurt with oats, flax & pumpkin seeds. I don’t know how many times Ive told myself that I would eat things like oatmeal for breakfast, because its easy to make, but honestly I hate the taste of it. This is not like any other yogurt that is plain, but with the seeds and oats it makes it more enjoyable, it will ease your hunger for a longer time because of the fibers, and it is a great way to start your day! It has been so easy for me to grab a yogurt and go and they are in a perfect size.

The Plenty Greek Yogurt comes in 8 different flavors, Black Cherry, Vanilla, Coconut, Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry, Spiced Apple and Strawberry, I picked up 5 of my favorite flavors, so far the coconut is my favorite! Now remember that all of these yogurts not only have oats and seeds, but each flavor also have fruit in it like mostly yogurts do. IMG_1019

Nutrition wise the yogurt contains 12 grams of sugar which is kind of a lot, but it is also 12 grams of protein, 50 mg of sodium and 1,5 g of fat which isn’t bad at all, especially with the extra fiber you get even if that is only 1g. The total calorie count is 140, but anything like this is better then “light” versions of dairy products. For me, this would be the perfect snack after my workouts, it gives me fat and protein which are more then allow to take in after a workout. Since I’m on a diet I don’t really eat dairy, Ive never really have but I also try to stay way from as much sugar as possible. But after my workout I can eat almost anything because thats the time when my body can use the nutritions and fats properly.

The reason to the name “Plenti” is because Yoplait believes that more is more and that it is possible to add more good things to your life. Hence all the good stuff in the yogurt. For more info you should visit Plenti Greek Yogurts website yourself or check out their Instagram.



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