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I’ve heard so much good about these brushes from Real Techniques, and after looking at prices (they are SO affordable) I’ve been thinking about investing in a new set of brushes and throw out the really old ones that I have. ULTA has them for pretty good prices whilst Amazon have them for even better prices.

But then, my question to you brush experts and you who are users of real technique brushes, which brushes should I get? The sets, the single ones or simply just all of them?

And also another brush thing, storage. Some brushes I keep open in a vase or glass while some i keep in a case. What is the best option for brush storage?

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  1. I love RT brushes! I don’t have any of the sets but I have a lot of single ones. The setting brush is my favorite! The stippling brush is fantastic for liquid and cream products.

  2. Köp alla! Blush brushen är den bästa man kan ha, och även expert face brush och de som kommer i starter kittet. Men man kan aldrig har för många real techniques borstar och de är ju superbilliga i usa (jämfört med sverige) så lika bra att köpa alla! 🙂

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