Discover LA: Baldoria DTLA

Newly opened restaurant Baldoria in Koreatown, DTLA offers not only an astonishing and beautifully interior. But, also food and drinks that noticeable has been carefully crafted where every little detail has been accounted for. The dishes are also meant to be shared and are therefore made in several smaller pieces. I was one of the very lucky people to get to visit them and experiencing what they had to offer. This is truly a spot for anything. Whether it is a lazy sunday brunch with your friends or for taking a drink with that cute guy you just met. (And believe me when Im saying that you WANT to show people this place because that is how amazing it is). We arrived at a Sunday at noon. What surprised me the most was that we were the first customers of the day. The two guys that greeted us were so passionated and friendly when talking and explaining everything about the drinks, the food and the restaurant. And we could clearly see why. It is definitely a hidden gem located at the edge of Koreatown below some huge apartment complexes.

IMG_3955Lets start with the drinks. I went for a traditional Bloody Mary (oh god I’m so boring) while my friend went with the Baldorian Cold Brew that they brew in house. How cool isn’t that? It has the special coffee vodka with amaretto and orange bitters. It was pretty strong, but really good! We were both pretty amazed by this huge ice cube and just found it amazing. If you check out Baldorias Instagram (or tags from there) you can see that most drinks are served with this single, huge, ice cube. IMG_3957

Since I had seen a few of my fellow Instagram friends visiting this spot before me I had already seen some of the amazing food that was being served. I already had my eyes out on the chicken waffles that were topped with some special Whistle Pig barrel aged syrup. This was actually my first time ever eating chicken and waffles. It is really not something we would eat in Sweden and the last time I went to a waffle place with my friends I ordered a regular waffle with fruit on while they tried the chicken waffle and claimed it had changed their life. So, of course what better time to try it then now? IMG_3960

We also got the Mrs. Croque pizza with Black forest ham, Grand Cru gruyere, browned butter béchamel and egg on top. It was so yummy! The pizza crust was baked just right and the gruyere cheese gave a great taste together with the ham. You could distinctly taste the yummy browned butter as well. My favorite thing was to spread the perfectly cooked egg and let the yolk soak into the pizza.


Lastly, the chef sent out a complimentary heirloom tomato and grilled peach salad. Super fresh and very light. Tomatoes and peaches topped with burrata and a 6 year balsamic. So, saying that I loved this place is probably an understatement. Every dish has thoughtfully been cooked and every ingredient has been carefully selected. The dishes are made with only the best ingredients and the guys were so wonderfully passionate about telling us where all the products are from or how they had been made which a lot of places won’t tell you. I will absolutely go back there, and I hope that whoever sees this and can go there do so as well.

Travel comfortably in style

Summer is approaching and we all know what that means. Travel time! For me living in California it is so easy to grab a few friends, take the car and go somewhere – anywhere. Road trips are the best. For one day, or for five days. It doesn’t matter. They are simply the best. Now that I have a new car I am sure that a few road trips here and there will be on the agenda and I would like to share my essential style tips, with some help from TopShop, while on the go.


Always be comfortable. This I say always. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing just don’t wear it! While traveling it is extremely important that you are comfortable in what you’re wearing as you probably will be stuck in these clothing for a longer period of time. And if you’re sitting in a car or a plane you might not be in the best position to wear tight leather pants and a huge hat thats in the way. If you’re going somewhere sunny and warm put on a cute dress and sandals. If you’re going to a special cute place out of town for brunch or dinner dress casual but still dressy. If you’re just going to another town over the day dress in something you know you can wear no matter what the conditions there may be. Bring a jacket if you suspect that it might be cold. And don’t bring too much stuff! That brings me to my next point.

IMG_3381 IMG_3389
Be practical. 
Don’t carry with you too many things and dress for the occasion. I like cross body bags that aren’t too big but still has room for the things that I need like keys, wallet, phone, maybe even a charger and of course my favorite lipstick! Did you guys know that TopShop carries a ton of lipsticks and lip pens that are amazing? My camera is always out anyways and I don’t like carrying around big bags if I know that I am gonna move around a lot. I also always go light on jewelry. And always pick super comfortable shoes because if you end up with feet that hurts you’re completely screwed.

For my perfect travel outfit I picked out these items in this post from TopShop. The off shoulder top is really in right now and it is also super comfortable and suits warm weather as well as chillier weather. I paired it up with some boyfriend jeans, a pair of sneakers and a cross body bag big enough to hold the things that I need. I also accessorized with a double buckled belt and some light jewelry.

IMG_3363 IMG_3349 IMG_3382 IMG_3358IMG_3379IMG_3373

 This is a sponsored post in partnership with Topshop and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Chichen Itza – One of the seven wonders

Another adventure of ours during our trip to Mexico with StudentCity was visiting Chichen Itza. One of the new seven wonders of the world and one of the largest cities with origins of the Maya people. I think history is extremely interesting. And being able to see something so great like Chichen Itza was incredible.  The fact that these ruins are so, so old and still are standing and being preserved is just mind blowing. Im pretty sure that the house that I am living in right now won’t be here in even 100 years.

The bus trip up to Yucatan was long, and on the way we made several stops. The first stop was to an actual Mayan village. How cool is that? Apparently a lot of people think that the Mayan people has been extinct but they are still living out in the jungles of Yucatan. Old fashioned living of the land that they have with their believes. It was really interesting to se and incredible that there still are people that live like this completely cut off from the rest of the civilization. Well obviously not completely but they live so differently from how we do.

We later moved on to another Cenote but this one had not yet collapsed and was in a cave still. So amazing to see and the water was super blue. A cent contains of underground water in a sink hole and the Mayan people saw it as a sacred place. The water had cleaning purposes for a persons soul. As the water is underground you have to walk down a few stairs to get down to the water, where you also could swim if you wanted to.

Lastly we finally reached our destination. Chichen Itza. And apparently we had chosen the day where they had most visitors. Not that it really bothered us. The grounds were huge and there were several different ruins to explore. Sadly you can no longer go in to the ruins or the temple as they are trying to preserve everything the best way possible. But if I could I would not have doubted to walk in to see more of it. I was told of writings in the stones and I would have loved to explore the temple and see how everything was built more up close. We weren’t even allowed to walk in where the columns to one of the temples were which kind of sucked but they are really trying to preserve the whole city to stay around. But have being able to see one of the seven wonders has probably so far been one of the greatest experiences in my life.

Chichen itza Mayan village yucatan IMG_0896 Chichen itza chichen itza

chichen itza

This is a sponsored post in partnership with StudentCity and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Our first day in Canćun

If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet you would probably not know that I flew out to Canćun Friday morning and arrived Friday night. I have had the awesome opportunity to fly out here by the courtesies of Student City and I also got to bring a friend! On Thursday they had the first day planned for us which I will tell you all about right now! Its so awesome that Student City not only can help you book everything for your trip, but they an also help you plan activities during the days you are here. If you are the kind of person like me and like to go on adventures and explore a country rather then spending all your days by the pool or the beach, thats what you should do. Not that we won’t hang out by the beach as well.

We didn’t know exactly what we were up for sine they didn’t want to tell us before we arrived at the hotel in Canćun. We knew vaguely and had googled some of the things that was on the schedule that we got, but we didn’t know where we were going. We got up around 8, hit the breakfast buffet and met our little guide from student City, Sarah, at 9.30 where we then would have a trip on approximately 45 minutes to where we were going to Zip Line. At least that’s what we thought. Instead, we were first surprised by being taken to the El Rey Polo Country Club where we all got to ride horses on a trail in the middle of the jungle.

2016-03-19 11.03.57

After the horseback riding they took us to the place where all the other activities were. Starting out we did the zip lining which was so much fun! I had never done it before which made it even more fun. The trail was actually pretty long and sometimes we had to walk on boards to get to other platforms as well. We got to do it without hands, upside down and also we got a glove to use as a break for some of the lines so we got to try different things.


Then after the zip lines we got to visit one of the xenotes that they have like everywhere in the jungles here. It was a really hot day so it was really nice to jump into the water and relax for a little bit.

2016-03-19 17.48.19

Lastly, we finished off the adventures by driving some ATVs through the jungle. It was so much fun since I haven’t been driving one for a while and this time it was in the middle of the jungle! It is really an experience that I would recommend to everyone. The whole day was an amazing experience and we all had so much fun. Student City booked the whole day for us so we didn’t have to do anything but to be ready at the time they told us. It’s really convenient and since Student City staff is available 24/7 for any questions you might have, they are great.

We got home around 4, took a nap and got ready to go out and party. If you follow me on snapchat (@byfia) you know how much fun we had! We got a table at The City which is the biggest nightclub in Central America and we had so much fun. This is definitely a day for the books.

2016-03-22 01.17.21

This is a sponsored post in partnership with StudentCity and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Weekend Festival Reveal

The first drop has been made and the frist artist for the festival has been released. Headliners for the festival will be Tiësto and Martin Garrix! Supported by AronChupaDeorroDJ BL3NDDVBBSLost FrequenciesShowtekTigerlilyWatermät, as well as live music by Madcon – the official pageRedfoo.

More artists will be revealed on February 1 and visit to sign up for earlybird tickets!


Plan your Spring break trip with StudentCity  

I am beyond excited to finally share this with you and I cannot express how grateful and excited I am for this opportunity. StudentCity is sending me and two of my friends to Cancun for Spring Break! How amazing is that. I cannot wait until we get to plan every detail of the trip. There are so many things we want to do and experience like snorkeling, go and see the eco parks, and swimming with dolphins just to mention a few. I cannot wait until I get to relax on the amazing and beautiful beaches as well as take part in the amazing spring break parties.


If you don’t know what StudentCity is or what they do I’m about to explain everything. StudentCity is much alike a travel agency but they organize Spring Break trips and cruises to several destinations. You do not have to live in the US to book a trip, you can be in any place in the world. StudentCity always has staff available and present 24 hours a day unlike other travel agencies. If you want to find a StudentCity staff member you can find them wearing a bright red shirt. StudentCity will help you from the start with planning your whole trip. When you arrive to your destination there will be someone there to greet and pick you up at the airport as well as give you an orientation and information about your trip as well as hotel rules and package informations.

StudentCity decided to send me to Cancun because it is their number one Spring Break destination and because it also has a lot of diversity. You can choose to just relax on the beach, go and explore the city, or party. Me and my friends are more into exploring Cancun and doing fun things to experience what there is. Cancun has these amazing Eco-theme parks where you can swim with dolphins, snorkel in cool underground caves and see Mayan villages which I am so excited about. But we will definitely go out and party as well.


Most of the resorts that StudentCity has are all-inclusive and will have food and drinks included in the package. The Oasis is where StudentCity has its co-headquarters and where they host day parties on the beach every day. One of the bigger parties is the Inception Music Festival that StudentCity hosts every year. The festival is a 30-day, 30-night music festival which includes some of the world’s best DJs and artists in the world performing. Some of the past headliners have been Snoop Dogg, Diplo and Tiesto. Whaaaaaat. And you can go to the festival for free if you purchase the party package that StudentCity offers.


If you are interested in checking out StudentCity or want to plan your spring break trip with your friends check out StudentCity’s website. You can earn commission and even a free trip if you book a big group!


This is a sponsored post in partnership with StudentCity and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own. 

The City is Stockholm!

The city has been revealed for Weekend Festival and it is Stockholm who will be the city that hosts the festival in 2016. How exciting is this?! august 5 & 6th the estival will take place at Östermalms IP arena. For a chance to get some tickets for a special price before everyone else just visit the Weekend Festival website and fill in your email. Pre-sale starts February 8 and on February 15th the sale is open.

The first headline will be released late January. Stay put for updates and follow Weekend Festival on Facebook and Instagram until then.

Hardwell - 07.08 - Gert Nõgu 02

Weekend Festival

Weekend Festival is the largest festival in Northen Europe and last year they had artists like Tiesto, David Guetta, Martin Garrix and more performing at the festival. The festival always take place in different European countries each year and this year I am pretty sure that Sweden is on the map for the festival! Which city? We don’t know yet but my guess is either Stockholm or Gothenburg. Which city do you think the festival will come to this year?

The city will be announced December 7 so until then, take a look at the teaser from last years festival. Follow Weekend Festival on Facebook and Instagram for clues to where the festival will take place next.


WP24 By Wolfgang Puck

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Located in the towers of The Ritz Carlton in Downtown LA we find WP24 by Wolfgang Puck on the 24th floor. A modern lounge and restaurant with award-winning modern Chinese cuisine and an amazing view over Downtown Los Angeles as you dine. Inside the JW Marriott LA Live you can also find Ford’s Filling Station.

As you enter the floor and make your way toward the restaurant you first have to pass the “nest” which is the amazing bar lounge area that they have. I could seriously spend all my time there, it looks so amazing with the little “nests” around the tables!  Thereafter you pass a bar area and lastly you walk into the restaurant are which is lit up by several small amazing lights in the ceiling and an 180 degree view over downtown Los Angeles.

Image courtesy of the Ritz Carlton

The restaurant was surprisingly not too busy for a Friday night, which we quite enjoyed. The noise level wasn’t loud and we didn’t have to scream to have a conversation. Perfect for catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. The waiters were extremely friendly and seem to have an amazing knowledge on the items on the menu and were to a lot of help as we tried to decide what to order.

We were seated right next to the windows with the view as you can see on the picture. It was amazing, the view itself made it worthy coming here. We started out with some Chili “Dan Dan” Dumplings and XO Seafood Dumplings (on the picture below). Not only was the presentation beautiful but the food was truly amazing with all the rich flavors. As a complementary from the chef we were also sent Maine Lobster Spring Rolls, Steamed Bao Buns, Marinated Cucumbers and Prawn Toast.

Dragon’s Fire Cocktails with Patron Anejo Tequila, Grapefruit and Jalapeño.

[/ts_two_third] [ts_one_third]

IMG_0372The amazing view from where we were seated.2015-11-06 20.06.01Main course.


[/ts_one_third] [/ts_row]2015-11-06 19.35.58

For the head I decide to go with the Crispy Skin Kurobuta Pork Belly which came with Wok Fried Green Beans, Golden Chives, Chilies and Garlic. I loved the beans because they were cooked yet crunchy inside and the pork just tasted amazing. Michaela went with the Szechuan Style Prime Beef Tenderloin which was made in Smoked Chili Shallot Sauce and “La You” Hot Oil. The beef was perfectly medium cooked and so amazingly tender! With that we also ordered a Farmer’s Market Vegetable Fried Rice to go with the food, and was sent the Stir Fried Summer Squash from the chef which we both loved. Amazing taste and it had sunflower seeds which I loved.

2015-11-06 20.07.59

We finished off the dinner with sharing a Banana Cream Pie with Coconut, Lemongrass and Finger Lime Banana Cocoa Nib Ice Cream. The flavors were perfectly combined and I really liked the coca nibs in the ice cream. We were also sent a few small sweet treats.

[ts_row] [ts_two_third] 2015-11-06 20.49.36 [/ts_two_third] [ts_one_third] 2015-11-06 20.49.30 [/ts_one_third] [/ts_row]

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