Unlimited Textbooks with Cengage Unlimited

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Its finally that time of the year when we are going back to school. I personally only have one week left to get all my back-to-school things together. That includes buying school supplies and preparing for all my classes this fall. The thing I dread the most is spending all that money on textbooks. Some of them are $200 or more for just one class. That’s why I am loving Cengage Unlimited. It is a more affordable option to access the course materials I need for my classes, and more.

Cengage Unlimited is a new, one of a kind, subscription service available for US students. You pay only $119.99 per semester for the subscription service and get access to all digital education materials as well as other study materials online with Cengage. The service offers more than 20,000 products from over 675 courses and you are able to access and use how ever many as you want or need. Besides getting access to ebooks and study materials, you also have access to all your Cengage courses on platforms like Mindtap and WebAssign, and you can get print rentals for every activated digital course for only $7.99. Shipping is free.

I have been loving the subscription service a little bit extra because not only can I access the materials my class requires, but I can also access other books within the same subject to further my knowledge. It has been really helpful in terms of preparing for my classes and also understanding the subjects better. What I don’t understand in one book, another one can explain in a different way. I have been extra nervous for the upcoming semester since I am taking all my gateway classes, so I can advance to my upper division classes. Having access to extra materials and study services is really going to help me out.

With only one week left to prepare for the fall semester I have made a list of the most important things I do in order to be prepared for the new semester. College can be super stressful at times so I like to plan everything out ahead of time.

  • Making sure I have the material for my classes (Cengage Unlimited has managed to make this a whole lot easier for me.)
  • Buying school supplies, notebooks, pens, staplers and anything else I might need.
  • Mapping out free time for studying and also planning out different areas where I can study in peace and quiet.
  • Planning out my schedule and mapping out where all my classes are so I know on my first day. I even put in all my classes in my calendar so I keep track of my weekly and monthly schedule.

If you are interested in checking out Cengage Unlimited you can do so by following this link HERE.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Cengage Unlimited and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Give the gift of Tile


It is finally the time of the year we all love the most. Christmas time is approaching fast and we need to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. And I have the perfect one for you. Whether it is for yourself to find your child’s favorite toy or for your grandmother to keep track of her tv remote, the gift of finding with Tile is the perfect gift. It doesn’t matter what item it is. Tile can also be attached to flat surfaces. If you’re not sure about what a Tile is and missed my last post you can find it here.

Tile helps locating over 2 million items every day and is the worlds best selling bluetooth tracker. Not only that, the prices also start at $25 so a Tile is the perfect stocking stuffer that doesn’t break your bank! I am sure that you, just like me have that one friend who always loses something. Wether it is their keys, phone, wallets or remotes, Tile makes it easy to find it.

Right now you can save up to 40% off tile bundles and give your entire family the gift of finding! Or, why not get yourself one so you don’t forget where you’re hiding your christmas gifts this year.





Find it with tile


Do you ever happen to misplace or lose your things and end up spending more time finding them than you would actually using them? Well, in that case tile can help you! I rarely misplace my keys or wallet, but have a tendency to misplace my cameras or accessories for them. And so, every time I really need to use any of them, I have put them somewhere. But Im not completely sure of where they are. So, I go absolutely ballistic trying to find them. No more! Thanks to tile I can attach it to my camera, my remote controls – literally anything. And tile will help me find whatever I am looking find it with tile Thanks to the tile app I can connect one or more tiles to my items making it super easy to find my items. When I press find the tile will play a tune so I can find it if I am nearby. If my item with the tile isn’t closely a map can show me where I last was close to it. What I love about this as well is that if i double press the tile – it finds my phone and my phone makes a sound. Its kind of a reverse function so they find each other! I love it since I often misplace my phone as well.

10 fall jackets to elevate your style game

There is nothing I love more than fall around the corner. Even though it is close to 100 degrees in late October, I am still more ready than ever for fall to be here. So with that being said, I have rounded up some of my favorite jackets to get for the fall season.

To get right to the product all you have to do is click the image.

My must-have workout bag and fitness items

As you all know I have been on the fitness path for quite some time now. I have been adjusting my diet and added more exercising to my daily routine. Keeping active has really made me a happier person and I have learned a whole lot about myself. Therefore, I wanted to share some of my favorite and must have fitness items with you! These things haven’t just made it easier for me, but also happier. And, they have also given me motivation and encouragement to continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Ultracor Leggings

These leggings are hands down the best things I have ever worn. The almost $200 price tag do make them justice. It feels like I am wearing a second skin and no matter what activity I am doing, these will stay in place, suck everything in, but not feel like they’re tight. Thus far I own 4 Ultracor leggings and they are the best!


I cannot rave enough about my Fitbit. Ever since I bought my first one about a year and a half ago I have been constantly obsessed. I recently upgraded my Fitbit Charge to a Fitbit Charge 2 and I got even more obsessed. They have different variants for different needs. I like the Charge 2 because it measures my hertrate and therefore also how much sleep and exercise I get each day. It even recognizes what kind of exercising I do.

U By Kotex Fitness Tampons

It doesn’t necessarily imply to only when I need to workout. But being on your period when you’re int he best groove and want to workout is the absolute worst! These new fitness compact tampons from U By Kotex are amazing! The tampons come in compact packages so they are so easy to carry with you. You even get a little holder to put them in so you don’t have to have them laying around loose and risk having someone see them. Along with the tampons I like to get the liners for some extra protection.

Right now you can get a $2 rebate when you buy any U By Kotex product at Walgreens. Find the rebate coupon here.

SWB Booty Bands

Okay, so I am all about this booty workouts this year and these bands are SOOOO good for you! They will just give you that extra resistance for the otherwise easy exercises and help out on the way. I randomly came across this Aussie girl. Not only is she super fit and look great, but she makes these booty bands! Seeing all the photos and videos people and posted with them made me want them. I now have 3 of these on their way to me. Im upgrading from my old bands!!

Swell water bottle

It keeps it cool and it keeps it fresh for hours! If there is one thing I hate when working out, its warm water. It should be cold and refreshing. Nowadays I don’t use anything else but Swell bottles. Both inside and outside of the gym.

What are your favorite fitness essentials? Please share in the comment section down below!

Finding a Gift That Matters + Giveaway

This post is sponsored by DICK’S Sporting Goods, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The holiday is upon us. And it is time to find gifts for all of our loved ones. In my case, I’m all about finding the perfect gift for myself. I teamed up with Dick’s Sporting Goods to get out and find the perfect gift. The first thing I noticed about Dick’s Sporting Goods is that it doesn’t matter who you’re buying a gift for. There is something for everyone. That is why I am so excited to share this with you all.


I visited the Dick’s Sporting Goods in Glendale which is a part of the Glendale galleria. Honestly, I have never been to Dick’s before so I was very excited to see what it was all about. The store itself is huge even if it is a part of a galleria. There are several different sections in the store divided by category and then brand. There is a Junior section, a women’s section, a mens section as well as an outdoor and a tech gadget section. I loved how there were a lot of mannequins and displays everywhere. It really got me inspired to what I might want and also it made me want to workout more soI could wear these cool pieces.
img_6395 img_6394

Something that toilet surprised me was a section where a ton of UCLA merchandise were available.I think that its great that you can buy and support your school, not only by buying the merchandise on or close to campus. But also in your local stores! Something fun that I also found scattered around the store, divided by different sports were small items. Like water bottles, mugs, cups, balls and more fun things. So, even if someone you know doesn’t do sport themselves. You could always buy them some collectible from their favorite sports team.

img_6396 img_6397

Moving on to me. I was here to buy myself a fe pair of shoes. Mostly because I need a new pair of gym shoes. I haven’t bought new ones in about a year and it is definitely time to replace my old pair. And also because it has been a while since I bought myself a nice pair of shoes. So I  also wanted to buy a new pair of sneakers. Unfortunately, with the small feet that I have and my extreme pickiness with colors they had neither my size nor the coors that I really wanted. But, Dick’s Sporting Goods also have an online website in which they offer FREE shipping and returns for all footwear! How great is that? So once I got home I went ahead and ordered the shoes that  I wanted, in my sizes.


Are you still looking for a gift that matters?

I am giving away a $25 gift card, all you have to do is leave a comment to this post. The contest runs until December 21st, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST. I will notify the winner directly on December 22nd, 2017.
Entrants must be residents of the US and 18+ only. Winner will be randomly selected from comments on this blog post.

Exclusive Discount offer

I am so happy to be sharing a special discount offer that no one else has access to except from a few chosen people to share with you! Now you can get 25% off your whole purchase at H&M if you order for a minimum of 75 dollars. And the offer is only valid through Sunday April 17 so you better hurry up! Down below are a few galleries with some of my favorite items right now at H&M. Scroll through them (click on them to get to them directly) or find your own favorites.

Use discount code 3302 for 25% off your purchase. 




Why a digital notebook is great to have

The Bamboo Spark from Wacom has really been helpful for me and I’ve been having this little gadget for a few months now. I did write about receiving it in another post that you can find here. As I covered the basic functions of the Bamboo spark in my first post I wanted to talk about all the great things it has been helping me with these past months. Some might find that a digital notebook isn’t something special, but let me tell you. It really is! At least this one.

IMG_2525 IMG_2522

Working as a full time blogger means that I have a lot of things to keep track on, and a lot of things that I have to do myself. It is everything from guidelines when you are working with a company. To putting down post or story ideas that you have to keep up posting. But, it is of course not ideal for me to bring my computer everywhere to write it down or to take notes. The Bamboo spark on the other hand is very slim and light, which makes it easy to bring wherever you need to go. What also is great is that you can store up to 100 notes on the bamboo spark before you transfer them to a device. So I don’t have to worry about hurrying home to transfer the notes or to bring my ipad or phone with me just because I have taken notes on the Bamboo Spark.

Sometimes i sit in web meetings, or conference calls. And when I do so I can’t, or do not want to take notes on my computer. So the Bamboo spark is perfect since I can transfer all the notes to my devices after. They can also be uploaded to dropbox or Evernote so that I can pull them up on my computer as well. What is really cool about these notebooks is that they take every light stroke so easily and you can create amazing artwork if you’re an artist. I have seen some amazing stuff that Wacom shares on their Instagram from users all over the world. And it makes me wish I was a great artist as well.

IMG_2495 IMG_2493 IMG_2524 copy

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Wacom and Her Campus Media. I received the product free of charge. All words and opinions are my own.

Where to shop your shoes for the holidays

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Payless for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Payless offers a huge variety of shoes for men, women and children. What’s best is not only the valuable prices, but also the offers and discounts that they offer on top of that! I decided to check out their website and right now they have up to 50% off boots and accessories! That makes it even more affordable then it was without the discount.

 Navigating throughout the website is really easy as you can shop by gender, style, size or even trends or what’s most popular at the moment. Adding items to the cart is super easy as you just choose color and size. Shipping is free if you do a $25 purchase


I decided to go for two pair of boots that I find on trend for this season. The first pair is a Cognac faux suede pair with strap details. Really simple and versatile, I can see myself wearing these to anything. The same goes for the second pair, which is a pair of really simple black faux suede boots. Also perfect for any outfit and any occasion, I can’t wait to go out for more holiday shopping!


For more trends and inspiration follow Payless on Pinterest.

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