A striped Saturday | WhoWhatWear x Target

After a rough week it is nice to take the weekend off to do the things you want to do. I used my Saturday to get my hair trimmed and also met up with my friend Alia for lunch. We went to Le Pain Quotiden thats just on Melrose Avenue. Even though it was 3pm on a Saturday there weren’t a lot of people at all and the service there is always great!

I wore this sleeveless button up dress from the Who What Wear collection for Target. The perfect summer dress for any occasion and it can be dressed up or down accordingly. The best part is that it is really affordable and still of great quality. For the occasion I kept it simple and classic. You can shop my entire look at the end of the post.


I’m Chasing High

The reasons I haven’t posted or taken any outfit photos lately are many. But they are completely irrelevant. The real truth is that I didn’t want to. I didn’t feel good about myself, I didn’t feel good in general for a while. You can say that I lost the spark but that it came back to me again. I am forcing myself to take the time and the opportunities and these photos are what happens. I am so happy that not only I am back, but that I feel so good about the results. If you didn’t know already I always take all my photos myself. Even the ones of me. You can come a long way with a tripod and a remote shutter.

Shop the look at the bottom of the post. I couldn’t find this bag online, but I just got it in store at Aldo two days ago. I included some other alternatives if you’re an online shopper! The dress is from Targets Who What Wear collection and doesn’t seem to be available online. I got it in stores a couple of days ago.


Life has been absolutely crazy lately.I have kept myself so extremely busy and kind of took on a little bit too much at the same time. Im still not used to being back in school and trying to manage the time. It takes me so much more time studying at home than I expected it would do.

I spent my last weekend redecorating my room and getting in a completely new bed from lull which you will see soon. This weekend I will focus solely on studying as I have a trip to New York coming up in a couple of days.

Dress – Makemechic / Shoes – Forever 21 / Belt – Topshop / Bag – Celine

New York Hot Dog Baby

You have probably noticed that I haven’t bene posting as much outfits lately. The honest reason to that is because Ive gone through a lot this past year. Due to hormonal changes I have gained 20 pounds in less than a year. It might not be visible as much as I think. But mentally its a heavy burden knowing. Hormonal weight gain is the hardest one to get rid of because its all internally. I know that I have a long journey ahead of me if I want to get back. Starting with thinking differently.

I didn’t post because the social media world have an image of what the popular girl looks like. I compared myself too much to other people. Models, the old me mostly and saw two different people. Now I realized that my weight gain is my battle, no one else. And it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either. If someone follow me only for how I look, you’re here for all the wrong reasons. 2017 is the year of changes, and the year of improvements. Thats why I have stepped out of my shell. Stopped comparing myself to others and going back to be the me that I once was.

Shop my look at the bottom of the post.

Fashion Finds

I’ve been sick ever since New Tears Eve and it has been horrible. I am sure of that I have caught the flu. Trying to balance still working and taking care of myself. Which isn’t going to well because all I want to do is sleep. I decided to purge my closet and find some new items to fill it up. Sales that were going on after New Year was my best shot. Focusing on key items I could use often, and could mix and match. Growing up and getting older I realized that the amount of clothes doesn’t matter to me anymore. I only want those few, gorgeous items that I adore hanging in my closet. All I used to do was spend my money on clothes I didn’t really need or want. Now I finally learned and changed my perspective on things.

My main focus was Spring and Summer items since I live in Los Angeles and majority of the time it is summer here. But, you can never have too many faux fur jackets. SheIn sent me this open from faux fur jacket in a blush pink color. It is not too thick but still keeps you warm which is perfect right now. I have adored the GUESS loafers but honestly it is too much money to spend on a pair of shoes. Randomly I walked by Steve Madden who had a buy one get 70% off one sale going on and I snapped these loafers up along with a pair of suede gray heels. A similar model with the fur detailing is available in stores too, still on pre sale online.

Also I had to check out the ZARA sale. It is one of my favorite sales going on during the year! Scored myself this wonderful little leather bag. Unfortunately it isn’t available online so go and find it in store! I also found this really blinded out choker at Love Culture for a great price. They have tons of cute jewelry there right now so I would definitely recommend to go there.

I linked all the items and similar items as well below for you to shop! Did you find anything fun during the holiday sales?

Purple Choker Sweater

Hey guys, how was your holiday? As you may have noticed I took some absence from Instagram before the holidays so that I could focus on other things. I celebrated Swedish Christmas on the 24th with my other Swedish friends that stayed in LA over the holidays. Since my whole family still lives back in Sweden, my friends here is my LA family.  We had a super cozy christmas eve and everyone slept over and we all had breakfast together on Christmas day. I’m still eating leftovers and can’t get enough. The Swedish christmas table is something special.

I got a package from SheIn the day before Christmas (haaaaaay christmas gifts) in which I received the sweater I’m wearing. Honestly SheIn is just like many other websites that sells cheaper clothes. Either, you’ll get something amazing or it’s absolute crap. I always suggest to look closely at the sizing, see if anyone else has posted photos of the item and also compare to other websites. I have seen a lot of stuff thats exactly the same that store chains here in the US sells. It all comes from the same place. Some of you might be anti websites like these but I’m sharing my honest opinion. And I would NEVER share anything that I don’t like and fool anyone into buying the same thing. This sweater is a complete HIT and I also think this is my first purple sweater, like ever.

Sweater* – Shein (HERE) / Necklace – Jane Kœnig custom pedant necklace.

My favorite fall trends combined

Its still fall like weather here in Los Angeles and even though it may get chilly during the nights, I can still walk around in dresses and sleeveless tops. I decided to combine some of my favorite trends this fall which includes velvet, leather and burnt orange colors. This was the perfect day to walk around in something nice and airy as it was quite warm outside. I am wearing my new Daniel Wellington watch as well from their new Classic Black collection. Right now until January 15 you can get 15% off your purchase at with my code ALOVEAFFAIR. (Get that perfect christmas gift in time)

Tell me what some of your favorite trends to wear right now is or have been.

Sleevless Coat – H&M / Tank – Forever 21 / Leather Pants – Zara / Shoes – Nelly / Watch – Daniel Wellington* / Necklace – Gorjana / Choker – Forever 21

This post includes items that I have been gifted as well as affiliate links. I do not make any commission on my discount code.

Black Friday Weekend Deals

It’s been a busy past few days celebrating Thanksgiving. I celebrated it with friends since my family is in Sweden, where we don’t even celebrate thanksgiving. We had some amazing food and got to spend time with each other. The holidays are always a good excuse for us all to get together with our crazy schedules. I cant wait for all the christmas parties. Even though Im not going home for christmas I always have my friends here.

I wanted to share with you that Nicole Vienna is having a weekend offer  which gives you 20% off your entire purchase. I absolutely love the marble dial on my watch. Click on read more to see the rest of my look and details.


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Comfortably in style with Cuddl Duds

Fall is finally upon us. The chilly winds are coming in. Days are starting to be gray and the cozy factor is up in its high. I absolutely love to just lounge around at home on my days off but I want to do it comfortably. Being able to layering up is definitely key. If I want to run out for a quick errand without having to change my whole outfit, layering is the best way to go. I teamed up with Cuddl Duds to show you how I layer up. While staying fashionable.


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