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The Look



I feel that whether it’s for a hot summer day with friends or for the night out, a jumpsuit is always a good choice! You can mix and match it as you want, put any jacket over, have lace up shoes or cute ballerinas, a small or a large bag, hats and sunglasses. You only need one piece of clothing and some accessories, and you’re done. Jumpsuits are everything, and I have always loved them. (Except from when you really need to go to the bathroom and you’re wearing a jumpsuit that requires some kind of zipper or be tied.)015444-0245_1

1. Lina Lace Playsuit / 2. Flute SLV Playsuit / 3. Off Shoulder Playsuit

Its so hard to choose any favorite, because they can be so different, but then agin so similar! You can have a classy one, but yet cute with some lace details, or you can have a everyday kinda one, something with fun prints or something thats more playful. I have jumpsuits to thank because without them, I wouldn’t have any colorful clothes in my closet. The jumpsuits I have are definitely the most colorful or the pieces with most prints that I have.

I don’t own any of the jumpsuits in this post, but I wish I had them all! To get to where the items are sold simply click the links below the images.

1435563454345471393 copy1. Halter Flower Print Romper / 2. Pineapple Print Jumpsuit / 3. Floral Hem Romper

ss40714185145-og1 copy1. Split Sleeve Playsuit / 2. Mono Print Playsuit / 3. Scalloped Lace Playsuit

Luxury VS. Budget – The Bowling Bag

So I’m totally all in for the quality leather goods, but sometimes it feels like you’re just paying all those extra bucks for the brand name, and not the product, even if the products usually has some higher quality. But, you can surely find the exact same bag with the exact same leather for half the price without the brand name on it. 

One bag that I’ve loved for a while is the Bowling bag from Alexander Wang, and I found a similar one at Stylemoi, that I actually like even better. Of course there is no guarantee that it will last long, but in my opinion totally worth it. Which one would you buy?

Rebecca Stella For Nelly

Rebecca Stella keeps releasing collections for Nelly, which I think is amazing! She seems to always have something new in mind, even if there are similarities to former collections in her pieces. She uses a lot of lace in her pieces. We can see that some pieces now are the same as some in former collections, but she has altered length or added another color for the clothing piece.

My personal favorites in her new collection is probably the shoes and the lace hoodie.


Fringe Frenzy

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