I Take My Coffee Black

Good morning. I think its time for me to do more life posts then I usually do. I know that you all want to see more of my life, school, Los Angeles, and not only outfits and clothes and all that shallow things. That is really just the crumb of it all and I want to shoe you all the exciting stuff thats inside too.

This morning I started off with some coffee, nowadays I never really take the time to sit down and just relax and enjoy when I’m at home. There is to much things going on around me that i stress out about. I could also argue that it is my laziness thats kicking in. 

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Thank you guys!

I just wanted to write a little post. These past weeks haven’t been easy, hell, this past year haven’t been easy. But life is a roller coaster, and if it wasn’t life would be boring. I am so, so grateful for everything I have in life, for all the loving people that I have, they are very few but very special.

I don’t have one single day of the week off from something. I have one day off this month and its memorial day. Its no wonder that I’m stressed and have trouble sleeping. In between getting all the schoolwork done, making sure that the blog keeps updated and that all the sponsors are happy, there is a lot to do.
And not to speak, I have almost no social life, even if you might think so.

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This is the second box that I’ve received from Rocksbox and I’m as always so excited. For you who aren’t familiar with what Rocksbox is i’ll give you a little recap. (And a promotion code)

Rocksbox is kind of a subscription box, but you are not limited to just one box each month, even if you pay monthly for the service. What the box is is more of a rental service of fine jewelry. You get to rent, borrow, however you want to put it, up to three pieces of jewelry for each box. You keep the box for as long time as you want too and when you send it back you will get a new box with three new pieces.


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A New Chapter

Since i started this amazing journey of blogging, I’ve always wanted to be on my own. Now finally, several years after jumping from portal to portal, contract to contract, I am finally breaking free and taking the reigns on my own. I never wanted to do something half good, which I many times felt when being forced to update my blog. Therefore I will only deliver the best from now on.

ReduxSquad is my new playground, you could say a new start of something great after this roller coaster I’ve been on. I decided that byfia wasn’t me, it didn’t feel right. Redux Squad did. (Redux actually means that you will take something old and bring it back, in my case, a dream of doing this all on my own grounds). You will find an assortment of my older posts that I’ve imported from my old blog. I feel that the content meets the standard that I want on this blog.

I hope and trust that you will enjoy the content. I will from now on only be writing in English, but I’ll put in a translator for all my international readers! I will be focusing on Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Home Decor to deliver the absolute best of the best to my readers. Welcome to ReduxSquad, a new beginning. 

Coachella Snaps

To be honest Ive been really bad at taking photos during the weekend, but I’ve gathered a few to show you.

The Coachella weekend ha been magical, the parties were over the top and I loved just being back at the festival grounds again. The most unbelievable things have happened and Im so grateful for this amazing life.

Coachella Weekend

2015-04-10 13.44.25

Im so caught up in this weekend, going to the parties during the days and the festival at night, its so hard to find time to post something here so instead of updating here ill suggest you follow me on snapchat: byfia or Instagram @reduxsquad

In Between Midterm Studies and Packing

I’ve been spending most of my recent days studying for Midterms. I had one yesterday and have two more tomorrow before I leave for the Weekend. I have basically been breathing Economic history and dance terminology for the past week. My social life has been completely dead.

I made time to pack everything that i think i need for Coachella, probably packed way too much but better that than sorry. As you may see I’ve gotten so many packages only for this weekend, its insane and I don’t even have the energy to take time to throw away the empty boxes anymore.