Essilor Eyezen protects your eyes

I received The Essilor Eyezen glasses a few weeks back and have been using them frequently while lounging at home watching tv or sitting in front of my computer working. These are not glasses with regular lenses. The lenses are designed specifically to protect your eyes from all the harmful blue light from screen devices and eliminates digital eye strain. Our eyes are not supposed to look at these screens all the time and we are constantly harming ourselves without even thinking about it. Eyezen glasses are available for anyone, prescription or not! That is why I found them so interesting since I don’t have a prescription and have had perfect sight my whole life – and Im not about to ruin my sight just because I sit in front of a screen.


Eyezen has a variety of frames to choose from and I chose the Dolce Gabbana frames since I think they were the ones that would suit me the best. Now as you can see there is a slightly blue hue to the lens. That is the blue light filter that is added to screen out all the harmful blue lights. The lens is clear but the reflections can show up blue. As you can see below the blue light from the screen is reflected in the glasses. Isn’t that amazing and scary at the same time?

For more information and where to find your nearest store visit


  1. Eyezen glasses selectively filter out harmful forms of blue light, but allow beneficial blue light to pass through. They also reduce glare, improve contrast and contribute to the prevention of the premature aging of eyes.
  2. Eyezen glasses are currently available through your Eyecare Professional (Eye Doctor). Visit for more information and find an Eyecare Professional in your area.
  3. Eyezen glasses provide comfortable vision while using digital devices, helping you stay connected and be more productive.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Essilor . The opinions and text are all mine.

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2015

And the highlight of the year is almost here, in just 3 hours the show will be starting and I am so looking forward to seeing some of my old favorites; Candice, Lily, Adriana and Alessandra together with a new one – Gigi Hadid. And I am also so looking forward for Selena to perform and she is an absolute goddess and after her AMA performance she just showed us how much.

Will you be watching the show tonight?

Candice-Swanepoel-Lais-Ribeiro-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-2015-1200x1802 Lily-Aldridge-Fantasy-Bra-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-1200x1802 Alessandra-Ambrosio-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-2015-1200x18531 Adriana-Lima-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-2015-1200x18021

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 10:  Model Gigi Hadid from California walks the runway during the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Lexington Avenue Armory on November 10, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)
NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 10: Model Gigi Hadid from California walks the runway during the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Lexington Avenue Armory on November 10, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret)

The City is Stockholm!

The city has been revealed for Weekend Festival and it is Stockholm who will be the city that hosts the festival in 2016. How exciting is this?! august 5 & 6th the estival will take place at Östermalms IP arena. For a chance to get some tickets for a special price before everyone else just visit the Weekend Festival website and fill in your email. Pre-sale starts February 8 and on February 15th the sale is open.

The first headline will be released late January. Stay put for updates and follow Weekend Festival on Facebook and Instagram until then.

Hardwell - 07.08 - Gert Nõgu 02

Weekend Festival

Weekend Festival is the largest festival in Northen Europe and last year they had artists like Tiesto, David Guetta, Martin Garrix and more performing at the festival. The festival always take place in different European countries each year and this year I am pretty sure that Sweden is on the map for the festival! Which city? We don’t know yet but my guess is either Stockholm or Gothenburg. Which city do you think the festival will come to this year?

The city will be announced December 7 so until then, take a look at the teaser from last years festival. Follow Weekend Festival on Facebook and Instagram for clues to where the festival will take place next.


The 11-in-1 Alterre Shoe. Versatility Never Looked Better.

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Lets talk about Selena Gomez

WOW, WOW and WOWis all I have to say about her AMA’s performance. Do you see how stunning she is? And this was the girl that media was calling “fat” just months ago. All that I see is a beautiful, sexy and confident woman and she just does it so right. The Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez things might still be quite confusing considering the video of Justin serenading Selena that just went viral. But I do not think that those two birds will be together again. Watch her performance at the end of the post! 

performs onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

performs onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

performs onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

performs onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Image source.

Keeping my carpets clean with BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet + GIVEAWAY

Keeping your home isn’t always easy when you have carpets everywhere. Especially not when you have a little furry friend that runs around leaving dirt and hair everywhere. I got to try the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet in my home which I am so grateful for, and really happy because now I have an amazing Carpet vacuum to use in my home! I cannot describe how much cleaner my home looks now after using the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet and I was truly grossed out by how much dirt my regular vacuum cleaner didn’t pick up.


I used the deep cleaning mode together with BISSELL Deep Clean + Antibacterial formula that came in the package on the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet to clean out the carpets in our house. Not only did it dig out the dirt and dust that were in there. It also dug out so much hair from my dog that I didn’t even know existed in the carpet, leaving it super fresh and clean after cleaning. There were hairballs left everywhere that I had to vacuum up afterwards but that really showed me how deep the dual powerbrushes goes. It also helped a lot with removing spots, I didn’t even have to use the spot cleaning tool, the deep cleaning mode on the cleaner was enough to remove the spots on my carpet.

Before and after. This spot was from when my pup had eaten something and had to throw up.

[ts_row] [ts_one_half] IMG_0468 [/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half] IMG_0476 [/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

Compared to the carpet cleaner that I used the last time to clean the carpet, the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet worked much, much better! This time the carpet actually looks clean and nice. The competitive brands cleaner was not only big, clumsy and heavy. Also, the other brand product didn’t seem to make a difference and the carpet still looked unclean. (And its supposed to be the leading brand, hah). Can you see how nice and clean my bedroom carpet looks? It has never been this clean from the day that I moved in. The carpets were dry within 2-3 hours which was great. This allowed me to clean it during the day and still being able to do other things around the house.


I used the hose, which you can attach to the cleaner, to clean out our living room couch. It is actually a really nice couch from Urban Home and the pillows are attached to the couch so there are no way that you can remove anything and wash it. We haven’t cleaned it since we got it which is really bad and it showed from cleaning it. Instantly there were dirt, dust, showing up in the hose which really grossed me out. I used the Express cleaning mode to clean out spots on the couch which worked wonderfully! Using the expressmode allowed it for dry within an hour.

[ts_row] [ts_one_half] IMG_0469 [/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half] IMG_0479[/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

At least to say that I am really happy with the vacuum cleaner. It is truly amazing and this makes it so much easier for me to clean my house more frequently in less time! And now you have the chance to win a wonderfull BISSELL bundle yourself (including a BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet and BISSELL Deep Clean + Antibacterial formula). There will be 2 winners across the bloggers that have done tis review. And all that you have to do for a chance to win the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet and BISSELL Deep Clean + Antibacterial formula is to leave a comment telling me you favorite spring cleaning tips, BISSELL will go through the comments and choose winners. 

Teva x Swarovski x HonestlyWTF DIY Event

[ts_row] [ts_one_half]I was invited to a DIY event with Teva, Swarovski and HonestlyWTF at Nordstrom last week. This is my absolute first pair of Teva sandals and they are so simple, yet so great! On their website there are tons of styles but the one that you will be seeing in this post is the Teva X HonestlyWTF DIY kit sandals. Every each and one of us that were invited got a kit and we were allowed to not only design them ourselves. We also got to meet and get professional help by the co founder Erica. She showed us a bunch of things that we could to design our shoes and it was so much fun!

I was really surprised by how easy it was to attach all the crystals. Most of them were already pre-glued and you only needed to use heat and pressure to attached them to the sandal straps. This can easily be made at home with a straightening iron. Some of the crystals were attached with glue since they were much bigger. What you could do with your design was truly unlimited and no sandal looked  like the other. It was such a fun event and great experience as I don’t take the time to sit down and do a lot of DIY anymore.I really get into the zone when Im focused on something and people even commented on my quietness and that I seemed so focused on it.

If you would like to buy a pair you can choose from the original sandals ($90) or a platform sandal ($100) and they come with the full kit of Swarovski crystals, DIY tools, embroidery floss and a little handbook to guide you through your project.[/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half]

[/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

[ts_row] [ts_two_third] [image_gallery images=”6203:,6201:,6318:,6319:,” ][/image_gallery] [/ts_two_third] [ts_one_third] So here you have the little kit with everything that you get. We got the original sandals to design. As you see theres not a lot of things that are required to start this project and the only additional thing you need is something to apply heat and pressure. Of course you can also decide to pimp out your sandals a little bit extra buy getting some additional crystals to glue on! I might actually do that now that I mention it. Also you will see some examples that the lady herself, Erica, made and at then lastly you have my sandals!

Do you own a pair of Teva’s?  [/ts_one_third] [/ts_row]

What I do when I’m sick

The cold weather has run over Los Angeles and it seems like everyone is getting sick – including me. I hope that I have passed the worst, I know myself and my body have like one day in between that I feel ok and the day after I feel the worst and today is the day when I feel ok. But that won’t stop me from spending all day in bed because when you’re sick its totally acceptable to waste it in front of Netflix. But thats not all that I do, that would be such a waste of time to ONLY watch Netflix until I fall asleep. (But I will nap during the day)

I start off by putting on the most comfortable clothing I can find, a pair of joggers or leggings. A pair of fluffy or knitted socks to keep me warm and a big cozy hoodie or a poncho that I can use as a blanket. The coziness factor is on maximum as it should be! I also order takeout food, this time I tried a Tom Yum noodle soup form a Thai place and got hooked so I have been there more then once to get it.


I spend some time catching up on reading the articles I yet have had time to read. I buy and get a lot of magazines but sometimes I forget to actually even open them. I also take the opportunity to feel a little bit sorry for myself and order some stuff online. Preferably at Sephora or ULTA because right now I have this thing for liquid lipsticks and I just need to get and try them all. Sephora also had a 20% off deal this weekend so I had to take that to my advantage.

[ts_row] [ts_one_half] IMG_0386[/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half] IMG_0385 copy[/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

I also spend some time on doing things I don’t spend time doing otherwise like trying out my new makeup and play around with it. Why not? Its not like I have anywhere else I need to be and while Im home I might as well do it. It also gives me times to prepare posts for my blog and maybe some new ideas for Youtube videos. (I know I haven’t uploaded anything but as I barely can speak right now it have to wait a little bit longer)

I got tons of liquid lipsticks the other week and I want to swatch and try them so expect one or two posts on that soon.