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Sorry for the lack of content but I have been SUPER busy working these past days as I am picking up so much extra work. I have a ton of fun things going on and unfortunately in between the blog suffers a little bit. BUT these things happen and I hope you still enjoy reading and commenting. Much love and you will some awesome posts coming up <3

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Why a digital notebook is great to have

The Bamboo Spark from Wacom has really been helpful for me and I’ve been having this little gadget for a few months now. I did write about receiving it in another post that you can find here. As I covered the basic functions of the Bamboo spark in my first post I wanted to talk about all the great things it has been helping me with these past months. Some might find that a digital notebook isn’t something special, but let me tell you. It really is! At least this one.

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Working as a full time blogger means that I have a lot of things to keep track on, and a lot of things that I have to do myself. It is everything from guidelines when you are working with a company. To putting down post or story ideas that you have to keep up posting. But, it is of course not ideal for me to bring my computer everywhere to write it down or to take notes. The Bamboo spark on the other hand is very slim and light, which makes it easy to bring wherever you need to go. What also is great is that you can store up to 100 notes on the bamboo spark before you transfer them to a device. So I don’t have to worry about hurrying home to transfer the notes or to bring my ipad or phone with me just because I have taken notes on the Bamboo Spark.

Sometimes i sit in web meetings, or conference calls. And when I do so I can’t, or do not want to take notes on my computer. So the Bamboo spark is perfect since I can transfer all the notes to my devices after. They can also be uploaded to dropbox or Evernote so that I can pull them up on my computer as well. What is really cool about these notebooks is that they take every light stroke so easily and you can create amazing artwork if you’re an artist. I have seen some amazing stuff that Wacom shares on their Instagram from users all over the world. And it makes me wish I was a great artist as well.

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Wacom and Her Campus Media. I received the product free of charge. All words and opinions are my own.

Captain Obvious is running for President

It is election year and this year it has been extremely interesting. I see friends from all over the world following the US race and sharing their opinions about the runners. Another person that is running the only way he knows – by physically running and giving comments on the election years is Captain Obvious.

Captain Obvious provides us with live tweets during the presidential debates as well as daily updates. With over 300 000 followers who knows, he might even win this? You can follow him here on Twitter for the election updates! We can also se the Captain as he visits the different U.S states and shares videos with us. Thanks to who is supporting him he is able to travel the country and have somewhere to stay.

Jewelry for every occasion

Valentines day may be over but a girl deserves jewelry every day. Morana is one of the jewelry companies that keeps amaze me, not only with the amazing jewelry pieces but also wit their prices! I now own several pieces from them and I just absolutely love them. I have everything from a simple necklace to a super blinged out ring that will work for any occasion. If you are late on valentines gifts or want to buy yourself a late one Morana still have some amazing Valentines pieces, and when you sign up and spend $20 or more you also receive a free necklace. Shipping is always free and they also have a store in Sherman Oaks at Westfield Fashion Square if you are close by!


Something that I have learned recently is that choosing your jewelry is just as important as picking out what shoes to wear and how to do your makeup every morning. I have started to appreciate and take better care of the small things in my life, and that includes my jewelry. I keep several jewelry boxes around the house and always try to put them away in the boxes that they come in.

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I would recommend the Love Necklace not only for Valentines but for any person in your life that you appreciate and love. It could be to a sister, a mother or a best friend and the necklace is only $14. To receive a 10% discount at Morana use my code redux10 at checkout.IMG_1412

Morana Valentine Deals                                                                                                                                                            
20% off select LOVE items* (Any heart and love pendants) 2/1/2016~2/14/2016


Store locations:

Houston – The Galleria mall

Orlando – The Florida Mall 

Sherman Oaks- Westfield Fashion Square

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of MORANA. The opinions and text are all mine.

Weekend Festival Reveal

The first drop has been made and the frist artist for the festival has been released. Headliners for the festival will be Tiësto and Martin Garrix! Supported by AronChupaDeorroDJ BL3NDDVBBSLost FrequenciesShowtekTigerlilyWatermät, as well as live music by Madcon – the official pageRedfoo.

More artists will be revealed on February 1 and visit to sign up for earlybird tickets!


Take notes to another level with Bamboo Spark

Wacom sent me their newest invention, the Bamboo Spark. The Bamboo Spark is a notebook, but not any notebook. It can transfer all your notes or drawings to you phone or tablet with just a push of a button. This is seriously one of the best things because I personally love to write things down but I hate carrying a big calendars or books with me. The same thing goes that I don’t necessarily like to write things down on my phone in notes because it is so small and I can only write plain text.

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With the Bamboo Spark I can after transferring the notes to my phone or tablet, also edit the note. Which is perfect for say a checklist or if i ned to add anything. Lets say that you are out to buy a ton of stuff and because you can edit the notes you can check things off your list, or add new things while you’re on the go. The Bamboo Spark uses a special ballpoint pen to capture everything that you put on the paper but you can use any paper for the notebook. Saving the documents are so easy. Just simply push the button once and your notes are saved to the Bamboo cloud and you can see your notes in the Bamboo Spark app. You can even save your notes to Evernote or Dropbox and share them with your friends or whoever needs to see them.


The notebook itself can store up to 100 pages so you don’t have to be connected to your devices while you’re taking notes, just make sure to save them and they will be transfered as soon as your Bamboo Spark connects to your device via Bluetooth. Not only is this a great tool for anyone that takes a lot of notes, but if you’re an artist or draw a lot you can easily transfer your drawings and make them digital. After that you can edit them however and make copies if you so want. This really makes me want to be able to draw


To read more about the Bamboo Spark check out their website.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Wacom and Her Campus Media. I received the product free of charge. All words and opinions are my own.