My must-have workout bag and fitness items

As you all know I have been on the fitness path for quite some time now. I have been adjusting my diet and added more exercising to my daily routine. Keeping active has really made me a happier person and I have learned a whole lot about myself. Therefore, I wanted to share some of my favorite and must have fitness items with you! These things haven’t just made it easier for me, but also happier. And, they have also given me motivation and encouragement to continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Ultracor Leggings

These leggings are hands down the best things I have ever worn. The almost $200 price tag do make them justice. It feels like I am wearing a second skin and no matter what activity I am doing, these will stay in place, suck everything in, but not feel like they’re tight. Thus far I own 4 Ultracor leggings and they are the best!


I cannot rave enough about my Fitbit. Ever since I bought my first one about a year and a half ago I have been constantly obsessed. I recently upgraded my Fitbit Charge to a Fitbit Charge 2 and I got even more obsessed. They have different variants for different needs. I like the Charge 2 because it measures my hertrate and therefore also how much sleep and exercise I get each day. It even recognizes what kind of exercising I do.

U By Kotex Fitness Tampons

It doesn’t necessarily imply to only when I need to workout. But being on your period when you’re int he best groove and want to workout is the absolute worst! These new fitness compact tampons from U By Kotex are amazing! The tampons come in compact packages so they are so easy to carry with you. You even get a little holder to put them in so you don’t have to have them laying around loose and risk having someone see them. Along with the tampons I like to get the liners for some extra protection.

Right now you can get a $2 rebate when you buy any U By Kotex product at Walgreens. Find the rebate coupon here.

SWB Booty Bands

Okay, so I am all about this booty workouts this year and these bands are SOOOO good for you! They will just give you that extra resistance for the otherwise easy exercises and help out on the way. I randomly came across this Aussie girl. Not only is she super fit and look great, but she makes these booty bands! Seeing all the photos and videos people and posted with them made me want them. I now have 3 of these on their way to me. Im upgrading from my old bands!!

Swell water bottle

It keeps it cool and it keeps it fresh for hours! If there is one thing I hate when working out, its warm water. It should be cold and refreshing. Nowadays I don’t use anything else but Swell bottles. Both inside and outside of the gym.

What are your favorite fitness essentials? Please share in the comment section down below!

The Happy Planner

I got the amazing Happy Planner from me & my BIG ideas and I have to say, it is so much fun! I got the 2015-2016 “Everyday is a gift” planner which is dated from July 2015 – December 2016, so you got this whole year, and the next whole year in it (18 months)! How great is that? And the best thing is that the planner is only 24.99, which I think is extremely affordable.

Each day in the Happy Planner has a vertical layout divided into 3 sections; morning, afternoon and evening. The vertical layout really helps staying organized and being creative with stickers and text which I love. A creative and fun planner is a planner that you want to look at. And, you can also change the cover of your planner, so it doesn’t have to look the same all the time. I instantly changed my cover and since I love change, I will probably change it again soon. You can get a set of 4 different covers for only 4.99.IMG_1356

As you can see, the package that I got was filled with so many fun items and is allowing me to be super creative with my Happy Planner! Not only did I get so many packages of amazing stickers, but I also got pocket folders, inspiration cards with a much of different cheering quotes that I can put into my calendar, notepads, sticky notes – super handy for school and a bunch of different fun items to decorate. There are letters, different quotes and up cheering words, reminder stickers and activity stickers to help me stay as organized as possible.


This is how my Happy Planner looks like for the week. Isn’t it fun to plan out your week and se a blank page just come together? I used a variety of stickers and since every sticker package has 6 sheets I’m not to worried about them running out. I love all the different designs that they have. I also put in a little inspiration card for myself that says “Every day is special”. I have a bunch of different ones and live to have one every now and then to remind and motivate me to be happy about life. This is the perfect planner to help me stay organized.


This is a sponsored post in partnership with me & my BIG ideas and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Decorate your new dorm room with Pottery Barn Dorm

No matter if you’re in a dorm or just share a place with your roommates it is important to feel like you are home. Your room should be the way you like it and you should be comfortable in your own environment, always. I myself is very big on decorating and organizing my room for my needs, I have a lot of clothes and shoes, so I organize accordingly. So should you, especially if you’re in college just like me, your room is important. School can be stressful and you need to come home to something you like and functions for your needs!

I’ve been very lucky to partner up with Pottery Barn and give you my top picks to make your bedroom the best room in the whole house! The items I choose will make for a comfortable, cute and functional room for studies, sleeping and hanging out with friends. Whats good with Pottery Barn is that they have everything you may need in one place, great value for great products and so many different styles to complete your dream dorm room.

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IKEA Must Haves

1 – Lövbacken Coffee Table 2 –Koldby Cowhide Black and White 3 – Ofelia Blanket 4 – Gaddis Basket

Något som jag verkligen ser fram emot är att äntligen få köpa ett hus, att ha mitt egna hem som jag kan göra vad jag vill med och veta att där kommer jag bo kvar. Bara att känna att allt är mitt och alla beslut är upp till mig. Även om jag redan nu inreder mitt egna sovrum som en galning så är det inte tillräckligt för att täcka mina behov. Jag vill ha huset fullt i blommor och olika stilar i olika rum, åh, jag kan inte mer än längta.

IKEA har på den senaste tiden verkligen höjd ribban när det kommer till design och inredning. Ingen har väl missat möblerna med trådlösa laddare till telefoner?! Många nya objekt är också mer industrialiserade med detaljer som jag bara älskar, dessa kommer jag dock inte visa i detta inlägget, men kanske i ett annat om ni gillar detta!

Something that I’m really looking forward to in my life is to buy and own my own house. My own home which I can do whatever i wish and no one can say something else. Just to feel that I have my own place where I will be. Even if i have my room to decorate its far from enough. I want a house full of flowers and rooms in different themes. I can’t more then dream.

IKEA has lately been rising the bar when it comes to design and details. And no one has misse out the incredible furnitures with wireless phone chargers?! A lot of new objects like lamps are industrialized with details that I just love, however nothing I will write about today, but maybe in another post f you like this.

tejn-faux-sheepskin-white__0308221_PE342032_S4-2Teint Faux sheepskin 

Denna godingen äger jag redan och den pryder min lilla “kontorsstol”. Det är den perfekta lilla dekorationen för varje plan yta som finns. Gold, stolar, vid kanten av soffan eller på sängen. För er som missat inlägget där jag visar min arbetsplats så hittar ni det här.

I already own this lovely little thing thats perfect as a decor on any cold spots of your home. Chairs, sofas, beds and floors, it basically goes anywhere and leaves your room with a more warm feeling! For you who have missed out my workspace post where you can see this on among others, you can read it here.


Stockholm Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases / Stockholm Throw / Holmsel Chair

Ett sovrum gillar jag ljust och stort! Jag är absolut inte emot färger i detaljer men jag ser gärna att det är vitt eller i en neutral färg, allt handlar om preferenser antar jag men jag skulle inte vilja ha någon mörk möbel i mitt sovrum. Ljust trä som sängramen ovan är i gillar jag absolut, det ger en otroligt jordnära och lugn känsla för min del.

I like a bedroom big and bright! Im absolutely not against colors in details and decorations but i prefer white or neutral colors. I guess its all about preferences but I would not like to have any dark furnitures in my bedroom. Light wood like the bedroom above is gorgeous and it gives me a calming feeling. 


Söderhamn Sofa / Gullklocka Cushion Cover / Henrika Throw / Åstorp Floor Lamp Base

Vilken underbar färgklick denna soffan är alltså! Jag vet att den även finns i en underbar ljusblå färg som flera av mina vänner äger. Jag önskar verkligen att jag själv var lite galnare när det kommer till färger i inredning för detta är så himla fint. Ändå enkelt med en färgklick som står ut lite. Själv här hemma har vi en superfin soffa från Urban Home i en neutral färg, verkligen fin men vårar hem kan garanterat behöva en lite update på inredningsfronten.

This couch adds some wonderful colors to the grey living room. I know that it also comes in a wonderful light blue color that a few of my friends owns. I wish myself that I were more bolder with colors because its just lovely! This particular room is still simple but the color stands out. We have a wonderful sectional from Urban home in our house in a neutral color. Its really nice looking and so comfy but out house could need an upgrade! 



Välkommen in i mitt hem, äntligen! Är fortfarande långt ifrån klar med mitt rum, har inte ens påbörjat att försöka få upp klädstången, snacka om lat! Men jag är himla nöjd med hur det ser ut hittills. Det sista är bara att få upp stången och få ordning på min garderob. Idag ska ni få se min lilla arbetshörna som jag är lite extra stolt över, haha. Ovan så ser ni allt uppifrån.

Welcome to my home, finally! Im still far from done, and I haven even gotten the cloth rod up yet. Im super happy with how it looks so far, but basically all I need to do now is getting that rod up so I can get my closet organized. Today you will be seeing my workspace that I’m really proud and happy of. On the picture you can see it from a bove.


Och såhär ser det ut. Tyvärr står det en stor säng i vägen, annars hade jag kunnat visa er hela bordet som är så himla fint. Lite påkostligt, men så mycket snyggare än vad man kan hitta på IKEA! För 110 dollar fick jag detta bordet från Hayneedle. Det är ganska brett och har två hyllor på vänster sida som man kan ändra höjd på hur man vill. Enkelt, snyggt och praktiskt som ett bord ska vara! Om ni vill se en helbild på bordet kan ni göra det här.

And this is what it looks like. Sadly, I have a big bed in from of the desk blocking the way of having me show you the whole set up. I payed the price, but its so much nicer than any desk at IKEA. For 110 bucks at Hayneedle I got this beautiful wide desk with adjustable shelves. If you want to see the whole table you can do that here.


Mest nöjd är jag utan tvekan med stolen! Också aningen påkostlig, men jag lägger hellre en större summa på en snygg bekväm stol än en mindre summa på en ful stol som antagligen kommer gå sönder inom några månader. Denna fann jag på Amazon för 100 dollar, finns ju även i hela färger om man föredrar det, men jag ville faktiskt ha en genomskinlig. Pälsen på stolen kommer från IKEA och likaså bordslampan. Om ni har några frågor så tveka inte om att kommentera dem, det är säkert massa detaljer jag utelämnat!

The chains is by far my favorite item of them all. A bit expensive, but id rather put those money on one chair then several ones until I actually buy a decent one. I found this one on Amazon for about 100 bucks, it was also available in white for a much cheaper price, but I really wanted the clear one. The little fur ont he chair is from IKEA as well as the table lamp. If you have anything else you want to know do not hesitate to comment, Im sure I left out a lot!

Room Details


Har äntligen börjat bli klar med mitt nya rum, det är fortfarande några saker som ska fixas. Ska bland annat få upp en till klädstång och en hylla, antagligen sätta upp TV:n på väggen och sedan köpa en panel att ha över skrivbordet som jag köpt. Väntar även på stolen till skrivbordet! Men än så länge är jag riktigt nöjd med hur mitt rum ser ut!

I have finally started to get in order in my new house and room. There are although some few things that need to get done like putting up another cloth rod and a shelf, I might put up the TV on the wall and a grid over my desk that I just got. Im also waiting for the chair to the desk, but so far I’m really happy with how it looks!

H&M Home

Igår fick jag hem en stor låda med lite saker från H&M Home. En mysig filt i fuskpäls och den uberfina och så populära marmor skärbrädan. Åh, filten är sååå mysig och fin. Älskar verkligen så mycket saker i H&Ms Hem kollektion och kommer absolut beställa mer. Nu när jag beställde dessa så var det 30% rabatt på hela sidan vilket var helt underbart och absolut de få slantarna jag hade.

Yesterday I received a box box of some stuff from H&M Home. One of the thins was a big white faux fur throw that I just LOVE. Its so soft and looks so great! Another thing that i got was a Ceramic cutting board in marble pattern. H&M had at the time 30% off and it was some well spend money. I totally adore so much of their things in the Home collection and will definitely get some more things. 


Voluspa Maison Noir “Crisp Champagne” 2 Wick Printed Tin Candle