NEW COLLECTION – Victoria Törnegren For

It was such a surprise for me to see that Victoria had released her own collection for Nelly. Not that it by this point is unusual for Nelly to collaborate with Swedens most popular bloggers (as seen in former collections from Fanny Lyckman, Rebecca Stella and more), but I did not expect Victoria to be the next one, maybe Angelica Blick or Lisa in that case.

The collection is however really nice, it shows a lot of Victorias clean and minimalistic style which I personally love. The pieces are clearly for summer giving me a tropical paradise vibe.

Shop the whole collection here or follow the links on/under the picture.

H&M Launches A Full Beauty Line this Fall

So have you all heard the news yet? If not, you will right now!

H&M is finally lunching a full-range beauty line including everything from primers to hair products. Rumor is that it will be around 700 different pieces! (WHAT, thats HUGE) I haven’t found any beauty products from H&M here in the US but in Sweden they’ve existed for years. Even though the only thing I’ve used is the eyebrow pen from H&M, but that was years ago. To be honest I didn’t really have any interest in any other makeup products from them. The prices are kind of sketchy and they look cheap.


If done right, I believe that this can be a big hit. I already like the design of the new makeup cases, so classy and nice. But with a price range of $2.99-$24.99 I’m wondering how good the makeup really is. And if its animal tested, which I believe the items that do exist now are because they are not on the PETA list, I won’t take any interest in buying it.

Why would I when we have perfectly good, cruelty free, natural and vegan alternatives in drug stores, department stores and stores like Sephora and Sallys Beauty.

Fashion Goodies

Alltså, hade det inte varit så att jag nu bor i USA och frakten hit kostar typ 90 kronor så hade jag handlat ihjäl mig på Nelly och deras reor. Nu är de åter igen igång med massa snygga saker från 100 kronor, en utav mina favoriter var denna superfina playsuiten i ljusrosa! Så himla passande nu när vädret börjar bli varmare och så fin färg! Ni hittar den här, och resten utav rean här.

If the situation weren’t that i live in the US and that the shipping here from Nelly is 10 dollars, then I would probably spend all my money there. They are once again on with their sales and this time you can find so many cute styles from only 100 sek (about 12 bucks!!) One of my favorites was this playsuit in a cute light pink color! You can find the jumpsuit right here, and the rest of the sale here.

WeHeartIt LA Meetup

Weheartit hade sin första meetup någonsin i Los Angeles nu i helgen dit jag var inbjuden. Tittade förbi ganska snabbt och fick även en liten goodiebag som jag kan visa er sedan! På plats fanns bland annat grundaren utav weheartit, några stora youtuberes tillsammans med massa olika företag och utställare.

Weheartit had their first ever metope in Los Angeles this weekend that I was invited to. I went over there to see what it was all about and also came home with a little goodie bag. On site we could meet the founder of weheartit as well as a few local Youtubers and a lot of companies. 


En utav utställarna som var där var Bodyography som visade oss deras hela kollektion utav makeup. Man fick små touch-ups och tips från representanten som var där. Jag gillade verkligen deras borstar och concealern.

One of the companies there was Bodyography that showed us their line of cosmetics. You could receive touch-ups and advice form the makeup artist that was there. I really liked their brushes and the concealer.


Flertalet dryckessponsorer var på plats och delade ut drycker. Perrier var en utav dem och min absoluta favorit, endast för att de hade så många olika smaker utav sitt mineralvatten. På plats fanns även Runa med sina energidrycker och Groundwork Coffee med sitt organiska kaffe.

Quite a few different brews were there to make sure we all were hydrated. Perrier were one of them and by far my favorite with their mineral water. Runa was also there with their energy drinks and Groundwork Coffee gave us a coffee break with their organic coffee. 


Nubar var även stationerade på plats och gav snabba manikyrer till alla som ville få sina naglar fina.

Nubar was also there to give us fast manicure touch-ups. 


Fake bake var också på plats. De erbjuder brun utan sol produkter till kropp och ansikte men även sminkprodukter. Deras produkter varierar från spray tan till gel vilket är perfekt. Jag vet att vi fick en produkt utav dem i goodiebagen som jag verkligen vill testa!

Yet another company that were there was Fake Bake that offer tanning products and makeup products. They have both spray tan and gel which is perfect. We got some products from them in the goodie bag and I can’t wait to try them!