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Easy and Quick Summer curls with Sally Beauty + Product talk

247580387Hey guys! So
today I wanted to do another hair post, but, this time I am gonna talk about  newfound products I love at this moment as well as share with you how I did my awesome curls that I have been rocking lately. They are so, so easy to do and it will only take you a couple minutes!

First lets start with products; Sally Beauty Supply is my go to for any professional hair products which you may already know. When I posted my old video on how I went from brown to grey hair you probably noticed that all the items I used were bought at Sally Beauty Supply because they have everything I need in just one place! Most of the times that I got here I know exactly what I want but the other day I went there to browse for new products and I came across these awesome products that I will be talking about today.


Since I do have extensions in my hair  wanted to find something to help me nourish my hair. I do a hair mask once a week to maintain shine and to keep the extensions healthy since they can benefit or get any nutrients from my natural hair oils. Now, it is also extremely important that I use products without parabens so a lot of items that I once used I no longer can use and I’ve had to get new things. Now of course these are always better choices, extensions or not, it is just more important that I dot use it when I do have extensions in my hair.

I found this awesome bran called ion, which I for some reason have never even looked at before. Most of their items are 100% vegan, paraben and sulfate free! I made sure to look on every single bottle to make sure I wouldn’t pick up an item that had parabens in it. I picked up the ion Heat Protecting Smoothing Spray, ion Volumizing Freezing Spray and the ion Dry Shampoo which I will be using for styling my hair. You can watch the video a little further down!! 


At Sally Beauty Supply I also picked up some silk drops from ion to add some shine if my hair ever looks a little ry and dull and of course my favorite organ oil to add some nutrients and shine because LA is extremely hot right now and it is just not a good time.

I absolutely fell in love with both the hairspray and the dry shampoo, I honestly think these are the best I have ever used. The day after my hair wasn’t at all dry or kind of sticky that it gets sometimes when you use hairspray. And the dry shampoo just really did the work its supposed to do extremely well and I was super impressed. Anyways if you are on the hunt for  new hair products, or styling tools or even just hair color Sally Beauty Supply is definitely the place to go.  I would recommend them any day to anyone. Take a moment to watch how I make my awesome curls.

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Getting Tape In hair Extensions : Rapunzel Of Sweden

A few weeks ago when I was in Sweden I visited the Rapunzel Of Sweden salon in Gothenburg to get some extensions put into my hair. I haven’t had permanent extensions in my hair for about a year and a half now and was really eager to get longer and fuller hair again. Let me just disclaim that I from start wanted to have micro rings, which I even told them. And they said that I would have multiple options once I got to the salon. But when I got there I was told that mirroring wasn’t an option because that would have to be ordered ahead of time. So, I did feel a little bit forced into doing the tape extensions since obviously was wasn’t an option. I have also tried wax and that was my first time ever having extensions in and it was awful. I have had microns two times and I was really comfortable with it, I really liked it and it was easy for me so I was a little bit sad about not being able to use that method. I had to try the tape method instead.


This is the results after visiting the salon. My hairdresser, Johanna, intensified my natural hair colors which are darker in the roots and then naturally sun bleached by making the color a little bit more chocolaty before we went ahead and put in the extensions. As you can see it is a little it darker and kind of fades out. We used a mix of no. 2 and no.3 in the brown shades to get a more natural result. I also have the 50 cm length.

Right now I am still learning to get used to it. It has been about 3 weeks and I am not yet sure if i will keep the extensions or take them out in a few weeks when they are due for some maintenance Even though I absolutely love having long hair again, it is also extremely hot in LA and maybe the timing wasn’t perfect. I also would really like to do a YouTube video answering your questions about tape in extensions or hair extensions. So if you have any questions please comment them or tweet me @reduxsuqad_.

IMG_4480 IMG_4473

My off the shoulder flower romper is from Zaful and I am absolutely obsessed with off the shoulder clothes, especially rompers! It is so light and perfect for summer time. You can find it here if you are interested in getting it.

Hourglass Ambient Lightning palette


In February I finally dwcided to get my hans on, probably one of the last, Ambient Lightning palettes from Hourglass. Simply because I wanted it and had swatched it in store before she it got out. The only thing stopping me from being it earlier was definitely the price. $80 for this little thing but oh my it was so worth the money once I finally got it. I remember watching it in Sephora and just being like wow I want it, but my bank account won’t allow it right now.

The packaging is just so luxurious and it has a huge mirror on the inside making it the absolute perfect palette on the go. The powders are not only highlights but can also be used to matte down and just brighten up a little bit. The Ambient Lightning palette was part of the 2015 Holiday limited edition from Hourglass and is therefore not sold anymore, unless you can find it somewhere. Hourglass do however have a smaller 3 blush palette now as well as singles. But all of those have a significantly lesser value than it would beeen to have gotten this one palette instead. IMG_3784 IMG_3785

The palette comes with 3 blushes and 3 highlights / brightening powders. And oh my god, the pigmentation on these are amazing! They are also so, so smooth and it also barely looks like you are using any of the product because the payoff is great.


My favorite liner to make the perfect wing

Photo Jun 28, 4 26 31 PM Photo Jun 28, 4 25 28 PM

At first I did everything to not have to make wings – because I literally sucked at making them and couldn’t bother to learn or to spend the time messing up and redoing it. Until I found the Tattoo liner from Kat Von D. It has literally changed my wing game completely! I got a little sample liner from Sephora last year and Im still using it.I do however have a ful sized one as well. I will honestly not go back to any other liner for now because of how easy it is to use and how great the results are. This is truly, probably, the best liner I have ever owned. I also do really, really like the pen one Lancome have. But, I haven’t used it yet that much so I’m gonna need to try that one out more.

It is a liquid liner but the Tattoo liner doesn’t bleed, dries really fast and the applicator has a very fine point making it super easy to apply. I even only use one hand now to apply it! (Yay go me) Also, if you like something more intense (more black) I recommend to use the Tattoo liner to line your wing and then fill it out with the Ink Liner also from Kat von D. Both can be found at Sephora. / I am using the new Modern Renaissance pallet from Anastasia Beverly Hills on my eyes.

Do you have a favorite eyeliner? Please do share I love to try new products! 

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hawaiian Tropic®. The opinions and texts are all mine.

A few weeks ago was Memorial Day, and as much I wish I could spend my day out in the sun, I was working that day. But, that doesn’t stop me from being prepared for all the festivities this summer. We are getting close to 4th of July already! I swinged by Walmart to pick up and try out the Hawaiian Tropic® Sunscreen Silk Hydration Weightless. The Silk Hydration Weightless is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and have a really nice scent of the tropics, like the whole line of Hawaiian Tropic® products do. You can choose to buy an SPF 15 or an SPF 30. I always go for the higher but that is only my personal preference! IMG_3709 The first thing I noticed was the packaging. The Hawaiian Tropic® Sunscreen Silk Hydration Weightless has a sleek round packaging with a pump which is very different from other Hawaiian Tropic® products I have used before. I really like it and it does’nt get as messy as when you only have a cap and press out the product. It also looks way nicer. I think that Hawaiian Tropic® is one of the most common brands I see among friends and family so it is definitely a favorite not only for me, but many others too. I am going back to Sweden for a wedding in just a few weeks, and to visit friends and family too, of course! Hopefully we will have the wonderful summer weather and that means a very strong sun as well. IMG_3720 Staying protected from the sun and UV is extremely important. Especially for me now that I live in Los Angeles where it is sunny bsically every day year around. But I am still terrible at remembering to use it. I have tried, and I own a lot of different sunscreens but what I truly like about the Hawaiian Tropic® Sunscreen Silk Hydration Weightless is how weightless it is, and feels! The name lives up to it’s expectations and the sunscreen melts in really nicely into your skin. In comparison to many other sunscreens you can barely even feel that the Silk Hydration Weightless is on and it also leaves your skin hydrated and smooth without that heavy oily feeling which I often dislike. The reason for the weightless feeling is a unique formula of hydrating silk ribbons. So far I absolutely love this sunscreen mostly because of the weightless feeling and will definetley try to be better at wearing suncare! IMG_3718


Current Favorites : Hair products and tools

My hair has honestly lately been such a struggle to take care of. Not only because of my grey hair period that completely destroyed my hair with all the bleaching. But also small things, like the water in the new house has changed the texture completely. I am looking into shower filters but I’m a little bit unsure about whats good since I’ve never used one before. With that said, lets talk about some of my current favorites for my hair that has helped me a lot lately.

OGX keeps sending me packages, and packages, of different products from their different collections. They have tons of products that is suited for any kinds of hair you can ever imagine. If you follow me on snapchat you know that I get packages from them all the times because I feel like I get them every other week. (I almost think I actually do). I haven’t even had time to try out everything they’ve sent me yet but these 4 products that I am currently using are right now my absolute favorites!


For shampoo and conditioner I right now use the ones from the Anti-Gravity + Hydration O2 collection. They not only smell so good but I really feel like they hydrate, smoothest and gives my hair some volume that it is missing since my hair is super fine. It has just simply worked wonders on my hair – and Im excited to try even more products from other OGX collections. From the same collection I also absolutely love the Gravity-Defying + Hydration weightless oil & lift tonic. It is just a really nice finish to spray in my hair to make sure my hair stays volumised and nice throughout the day.

Another item that I just absolutely love right now is the OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Oil. It seriously smells sooooo good and my hair feel amazing after using it thanks to the coconut oil that is in it. I would probably use this only for the amazing coconut smell. All of these items retails for $7.99 and is super friendly to your wallet if you want to try and discover something new without breaking the bank,n and try different collections to find what suits your hair the best. All these can be found at ULTA as well as other collections.

IMG_3750 IMG_3751

Another one of my favorites right now is The Little Black Box from Dreamdry. The box comes in a value set of one Dream Turban that reduces frizz and helps your hair dry faster without destroying your hair. A hair detangled in silver chrome as well as my absolute favorite item of course – The Dream Dryer. A super sleek hair drying tool. It is very light weight and with several different settings (ON/OFF ION generator switch & 8 speeds) as well as hot or cold air it makes it so much easier to blow-dry the hair. I honestly mostly let my hair airdrop because I have found it hard to blow-dry my hair without making it all frizzy and looking untamable. The Dream Dryer has helped me to learn how to blow-dry my hair and all the different settings makes it easy to adjust to different hair types and needs. The box is $295 ($340 value) but totally worth the investments because you will only need one good tool.

Some items in this post has been sent to me as gifts. This is not a sponsored post and I am not getting paid to write about any of these products. Post may include affiliate links. 

Summer essentials With Clinique

About two weeks ago I went to a super fun poolside event with Clinique here in Beverly Hills. We got to sip on drinks, eat breakfast and make our own ice cream macaroons while looking at all the Clinique news for the summer. We also got make overs and touch ups by Clinique consultants while discussing skin and makeup products.I got a ton of fun new items with me and I am gonna share my absolute favorites from Clinique that you need this summer. I also got to do this super fun and cool underwater shoot which I will show some pictures of lastly in the post. 

I am gonna start with skin products because for me a good healthy base makes everything for when you do apply your makeup. I have not used a lot of Clinique skin care products before. I have tried the eye treatment cream as well as the makeup remover (which is awesome). I have extremely dry skin during the winter, and less, but still dry, skin during the summers. So, after discussing my skin and my problems with the Clinique consultants I got the 3-step kit with me home that was suited for my skin and its needs. I got to try both the liquid and the foam cleanser, and personally, I prefer the liquid formula. I just feel like it cleans more than the foam formula does. The foam would probably be good for days when i feel like I need something more gentle or just haven’t worn makeup on my face. Number 2 is considered the exfoliator and comes in 6 different formulas. It does sting a lot if you have brakeouts on your skin so be prepared for that as it is super strong. I think that it is important for you to discuss your skin and problems with a Clinique consultant to make sure you get the right one for your skin. And lastly you use the moisturizer which I absolutely LOVE. The moisturizer is my favorite of the 3-step products.
IMG_3762Secondly as summer is around the corner I cant tell you enough how important it is to wear sunscreen. Not only to avoid being burnt, but to avoid skin cancer, wrinkles, sun spots and other problems that can be caused by UV lights. Clinique has released a new sunscreen product: The Mineral Sunscreen is a super light, easy blendable, sunscreen with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which protects agains the UVB rays as well as UVA which are the lights that makes your skin age and get wrinkly. It comes in two sizes, one for body and one for face, and both are pretty sleek and good to-go and vacation sizes and it comes in SPF 30 or SPF 50.


Lastly lets talk some makeup. Because of the heat I like to stay as natural as possible. Because sweating happens to all of us and when its 40 degrees outside in LA, I don’t want to have a ton of makeup running over my face. I like to go all natural most of the times but sometime you want to put on some makeup too. Some of my favorite makeup products that I got to check out was definitely the Chubby In The Nude foundation stick (unfortunately I did not get it with me, but I have already ordered it for myself). It was so incredibly smooth, super light weight and gave a natural coverage without feeling heavy. Honestly. I didn’t feel it on my skin at all.

Okay, lets move on to the products that I actually got to bring with me home! The Pop Lip Colour + Primer Lipsticks definitely caught my eyes and I am so happy that I got to bring some of these babies with me home. The two favorite colors are Bare Pop and Cola Pop. Both very natural and not to bold – which is totally me! The lipsticks are highly pigmented, extremely smooth and super moisturizing. The finish has a nice sheen and the Bare Pop looks a lot like my own lip color so they are perfect for adding som moisture and just make it look like I have more of a gloss on my lips.

And lastly the Stay Matte Universal Blotting Powder. The Clinique consultants added this as a finish on my makeup and I just absolutely loved this as well. It gave me such a nice finish without creasing or patching skin.I love Clinique’s Blended Face Powder a lot but this one might knock it down on my favorites list.

IMG_3771 IMG_3780

And lastly, some photos from my Underwater Shoot!

2016-05-24 11.01.04 2016-05-24 10.54.39

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Clinique. Some poducts shown or talked about in this post may have been given to me as a gift.

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