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My New Favorite Budget Mascara – Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Mascara

I have been obsessed with my current favorite mascaras from Elizabeth Arden and Giorgio Armani Beauty for the past few months. With that being said I haven’t turned to any other mascaras at all. Especially not the drugstore ones in a while. Maybelline’s new Colossal Big Shot Mascara came as a huge surprise to me once I finally tried it out! It has become one of my favorite mascaras, and my number 1 drugstore mascara.

Personally I saw instant volume with just one single coat. The mascara doesn’t leave clumps or spider looking lashes even after several coats. The bristles are wavy which helps distributing product evenly and adding volume. I have tried a lot of mascaras and honestly not many are to my liking. I want them to be simple to use. I don’t want to layer it up and I want nice length and volume that doesn’t look thick. I would definitely recommend for anyone to look up this mascara as it is only $8.99. ULTA has a buy one get one 50% on selected Maybelline products right now.

New from Marc Jacobs Beauty

These past couple weeks have been crazy package wise. Companies are releasing a ton of new products for 2017. They have holiday specials and the holiday gifting are unreal. I haven’t even opened up all the packages Ive gotten in the past week because I have been so busy with work. the holiday times are the hardest and most time consuming. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably also noticed that I haven’t post there for a week now. I just needed some time off before the holidays to cope with everything else going on.

Some of the things that I did open and actually have tried are these new products from Marc Jacobs Beauty. The PR team at Marc Jacobs is amazing and they always send me the best packages! Do take note that all products mentioned in this post has been gifted to me. I got one of their holiday sets which was the Up All Night Five-Piece Petites Le Marc Lip Crème Collection* (Now on sale). They also sent me all the shades of their new Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème*.

The holiday set is super cute. You get this really nice metallic hard cover bag. Inside the bag there are 5 mini sized lipsticks of Marc Jacobs Beauty’s best selling lipstick shades. You get a nude. A bright red. A dark red. A hot pink and a dark purple shade. The mini sizes are perfect to bring for a night out since they won’t take up a lot of space. And, you can also use the fun clutch for a night out to add some color to your look. I love all of the shades, but the ones I would use the least would be the red ones. Im a true sucker for nudes and a nice dark lip.

The Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème* is just so, so, so amazing that I can’t even deal with it! I do not have any hesitations on saying that YOU need at least one of these shades right now. So far Marc Jacobs have only released the Lip Creme in 6 different shades. They are all on the nude and pinkish side which will be perfect for the romantic spring that is upon us. These shades are all right up my alley and I love that I have all of them! First of all, the formula is beyond something I have seen before. Its creamy and rich. But it isn’t so rich that it becomes patchy. Its consistent through the different shades and gives an amazing coverage with just one swipe. If you don’t believe me, go to the nearest Sephora right now and try it out!

Although I clearly wasn’t very new with my swatches I was so amazed that I needed to share them with you! From left to right; Yours to try. Fawn over me. Truth or bare. Shush blush. Slow Burn. And lastly Hot cocoa. I have included these products and direct links to them down below. Together with some of my other favorite lip products. Which of these shades is your favorite, from looking at the swatches?

Happy and Healthy Hair with Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal

This post was sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.

Having healthy hair goes right along with keeping my skin glowing and clean. But, to be honest, I have not been treating my hair all too well recently. With working long days (12 hours or more) and stressing a lot, I have not had time to worry about my hair. You know stress goes straight to your hair. I have had quite some damage! It was time for me to chop off all my hair and start treating my hair right again! So, I decided to remove all my split-ends and damaged hair. I began using the PANTENE PRO-V DAILY MOISTURE RENEWAL COLLECTION to make sure my hair stay healthy. Adding moisture helps hair during the dry and cold winter, too.

Going back to the stress thing. If you are stressed a lot like me, it will show on the outside. My hair has been a horrible mess plus my skin is breaking out in places I have NEVER ever had breakouts before! Lately work has been very busy and takes up most of my time. But, we need to remember to treat ourselves too. Start with the small things like updating your routine.

Immediately after using the PANTENE PRO-V DAILY MOISTURE RENEWAL Collection I noticed an improvement of my hair. Its lighter, frizz free, silky soft and smells amazing even after several days of not washing it. I only wash my hair about every four days or so – So it does go through quite a lot! It is absolutely an individual decision on how often one washes their hair but I have found this to work the best.

I rarely use any heating tools, that includes a blow dryer. I always let my hair air dry. Also a personal decision but I try to avoid any heat tools where they are not absolutely needed. I do not want to strip my hair faster than necessary because it is very fine. I got my moms Asian hair strength but my dads Scandinavian fine hair. At some times it makes it a little bit tricky to find the right products, especially for styling as I need and want to add some volume without causing breakage and drying out my hair.

I chose to use the Daily Moisture Renewal Collection mostly because of the Winter season. My hair and skin tend to get really dry during colder weather. There are several other collections available from PANTENE that target a variety of needs and concerns. Whether you have damaged hair, colored hair, volume-less hair, curly hair or simply just need to try another hair care product because your current isn’t working as well, Pantene has it. My favorite product in the collection is the Pantene Moisture Renewal 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner as it works quickly and I don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time conditioning my hair. It’s the perfect deep-conditioning treatment and I don’t have to do any extra work with their proprietary Pro-Vitamin formula that helps to control hair’s moisture levels and prevent damage for a soft, smooth, moisturized feel

Although this post is sponsored by Pantene, I will not say something that I don’t really think. The new PANTENE PRO-V DAILY MOISTURE RENEWAL COLLECTION has been really great for my hair and I will continue to use it until I find something in par, or better for my hair! Pantene is available to purchase on Amazon and if you’re like me and love Amazon Prime. Sometimes I am too lazy to head to the local store! Amazon also has the best prices.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PANTENE. The opinions and text are all mine.

Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette – Rose Gold Edition

Sephora recently had their 20% off VIB sale so I decided that I would purchase and discover some new products. Huda Beauty is on of the new brands at Sephora that I have yet to try up until now. Therefore I decided to buy the Eyeshadow Palette among a few other things from the brand. Huda is a huge beauty influencer, if you don’t know already who she is. Seeing all the gorgeous makeup looks she does and past photos of her products, I was confident in that I wouldn’t be disappointed in this palette. Read my full review and see more photos by clicking continue reading.


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Favorite skincare items and my routine.

I haven’t always been one to take specially good care of my skin. Genetically I have extremely amazing skin. I rarely get any breakouts. I don’t have any texture. And, the only thing that I really am dealing with is some minor redness. But, as I am becoming older. And since my interest in beauty has grown progressively. I’m now obsessed with skincare and really interested in not only using, but also learning about the benefits of using them. So, I have rounded up some of my absolute favorite skin care items. These are the ones that I am using the most at the moment. I always recommend you to pick up samples of all of these items. Firstly to try them out and also to make sure you won’t have any allergic reaction to the product. As usual, all the items talked about will be linked in this post. And at the bottom I will have a shop this post gallery. 


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New Giorgio Armani Sì Eau de Parfum Intense

Giorgio Armani makes one of my absolute favorite mascaras. And this time I got sent their newest fragrance Sì Eau de Parfum Intense* from Influenster. The fragrance has a hint of vanilla and freesia. I feel like this is perfect for the more elegant woman. I tend to like and favorite sweet or fresh flower smells. The  Sì Eau de Parfum Intense has a stronger almost spicy smell to it which probably is the freesia, making the fragrance a little bit different. Personally I would probably not purchase this fragrance myself. Not because I dot like the fragrance, but because I would most likely reach for something else. I do really love the black, sleek bottle design that it has and will put it among my top fragrances. So that I remember to try it out more.

Have you guys tried this one?

The Giorgio Armani  Sì Eau de Parfum Intense can be found at Sephora, as well as other stores, starting at $75. img_5993

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New Lorac PRO Mega Palette 3

I got my hands on the new Lorac PRO Mega Palette yesterday and I absolutely love this one! Every year Lorac releases a new PRO Mega palette and this one is by far the best one ever! It comes in limited edition so I would suggest that you get your hands on it as soon as possible.

My favorite shades are without doubt the nudes and the shimmers. Especially red toned shades like Rust and Rose Quartz are amazing for fall. 59 dollars might be a little juicy for a palette. But Lorac makes amazing eyeshadows and they will never let you down. You still get 32 different shades and  I really don’t see how this palette can go wrong.

Available HERE at ULTA for $59


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Maintaining my bold brows with EWC

This is a sponsored post in partnership with European Wax Center® and opinions are my own.

First of all, if you have followed me for some time you know that my brows are one of the most commented things these past months. My brows have always been one of my top beauty priorities. I believe that the brows really shape the entire face. Seeing a brow specialist was one of the best things I have ever done. I visited my local European Wax Center ®to tune up my brows. Since I already take good care of my brows I just cleaned up the edges and trimmed them a bit during my visit. I need them to be perfect for the fall season.

This was my first visit to the center. A specialist was very patient with me, ensuring that I would walk out happy. I told the specialist exactly how I wanted my brows. That I just wanted a clean up and not any changes to its perfectly current shape. As a result, I walked out extremely satisfied with my service and will most likely come back here again. If you have never visited European Wax Center® before you can receive a complimentary brow wax! Book your reservation right here.


To make sure that my brows stay bold and beautiful after my service, I got a ton of EWC brow products from their Strut Strut Boldly ™ 365 line to use. My absolute favorite product of them all was the Browfection™ Brow Powder Duo. The pan compact comes with two different shades, one lighter , and one darker which you can mix or use by themselves. I could have probably gone a shade darker on this one. It can be applied wet or dry to your personal preference. Paired up with the Brow Pals Dual-Ended Brow Brush. The different thing I noticed immediately was that the brush tip was extremely soft comparing to other ones I have used in the past, distributing the product nicely and evenly.

I also received the Oh My Brow! ™ Brow Highlighter in the shade pearl, which I have used in the past and absolutely love. And I also got the Ready. Set. Brow ™ Perfect Brow Groomer which is a clear brow gel to set the brows. The gel did not dry stiff at all like other gels might do which I really enjoyed. It made the brows look and feel very natural. If you are interested in any of the Strut 365 Boldly products you can get $5 off by showing this post at your local EWC center until December 31st 2016. For a limited time, get a free tote when you spend $49 on products or services until October 31st 2016. 


And here are the final results. Nothing drastically new but My brows are now ready for the fall season! If you have never done your brows professionally before I highly recommend it. EWC is a great destination to achieve a bold, perfect brow shape for the fall season. And Take up the offer on that complimentary first visit if you want to try it out!


This is a sponsored post in partnership with European Wax Center and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Ciaté London Goodiebag

Last week I went to an event with Ipsy OS and Ciaté London.  We got to see all the fun makeup as well as try them. But honestly, I didn’t even know that Ciaté had makeup until now I just thought that it was nailpoilishes that they made. They released their makeup line last year, but how could I have missed this?! I was shook. Anyhow, lets dig into the goodie bag and se what I got! Also, I will link all the items down at the end if there is something that you liked and found interesting so you can shop them! 

img_5504 img_5505

First of all, I got this amazing makeup bag in which all of the stuff fitted. It has a cute little quote on it; “Put on your lipstick and hustle”. Also we got the magazine The glossip that Ciaté releases a few times per year, and a matching notebook that has a gorgeous velvet cover. (Im obsessed with velvet).


The first two of the bigger items that I got in the goodie bag were the BIKINI BODY BALM Body Illuminator and also the Makeup Melter Murumuru Makeup Remover Balm. The Illuminator is super settle, at lest that was my opinion as I tried it at the event. I have not tried it in daylight so it might show up a little better in a different light. The makeup remover is the BOMB. It’s a super light balm that just melts instantly and removes the makeup so easily. This will definitely go on my makeup counter right away. img_5511

Next we’re moving on to eye makeup. We got the Chisel Liner High Definition Tip Eyeliner which I find very different because the tip has a flat side to help creating a flawless wing. We also got the Wonderwand Intensely Volumising Mascara and  I am obsessed with the design of this mascara. For the eyes we also got one of their eyeshadow palettes. This on is The Fearless Eyeshadow Palette. I didn’t swatch or try the eyeshadow palettes too much so I don’t really have an opinion on them quite yet. But I do really like the pigments and they re really smooth and creamy. I just had to show you the inside of the palette as well, how cute is it?img_5514

Lastly we got some lip products and also a fun new nail polish pen if you will. I didn’t really try any of these products at the event on my lips but I did swatch them and they looked beautiful! Bright in red is the Liquid Velvet™ – Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Fast Lane. Then we also got one of the Pretty Stix Murumuru Butter Lipstick and the one I got was in the shade Innocent which I absolutely love. Its like a peachy orange shade thats just gorgeous. Then we also got the Magic Pout Potion Lip Plumping Primer and lastly a Mani Markerimg_5515

Most of these items can be found at Sephora. I linked all of the items that they sell online down below. ❤ Just simply click on the to get to the product page.