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Natural hair loss and how to treat it.

I might still be in my early 20s but I am freaking out over how thin my hair has become over the years. I realize that a lot of it has to do with how I treat my hair, and it have not always been treated the best way. I admit to that. But, it might also have to do with hereditary. My dad had very thin hair while my mom has kind of thick hair. I do believe that I got my dads hair because that was curly and thin, fine. Just like my hair is. When I was a kid, my hair was just so much longer and thicker. Its not like I am doing something someone else is not doing to their hair. I barely use heat on my hair. I always protect it with UV and heat protecting spray and I let it air dry. Yes,  I have beached it to an extreme point but I have done it with great care. And my har was just as thin before I did it.


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NuMe Magic Wand & Megastar

I got some new hairstyling tools form NuMe the other week. I have always seen them around and been super curious to try, but I just never got around to buy anything, until this super offer came ip and I got the Magic Wand for only 27 dollars!! I haven’t kept up a lot with their special offers but I have seen the awesome bundle deals they have on their website.


I got the Magic Wand in 25 mm, I read thats a good it for the kind of curls that I want for my hair. The deal I got it for is no longer active, but I’ll put som discount codes that are active in the bottom of the post! The wand is made in 100% Titanium which has such benefits as that it heats up quickly and more evenly then a ceramic one. It is cheaper and way more lightweight and it will also make your hair more sleeker and shinier. Choosing styling tools with Titanium has its benefits, especially if you have thicker hair. I have not yet to try the wand but as soon as I do Ill do a little post about it and the results.

I got a heat protection glove as well with the wand, which is perfect, sometimes I am super clumsy and burn myself on the wands, now I don’t have to deal with that anymore!! IMG_1457

I also got the Megastar Straightener*, this one I was sent from NuMe and they sent it to me just in time. My little puppy chewed on the cord to my other one and I had to throw that one away, so lucky! So that is the reason to why I chose a Straightening iron, and this one I have tried! It heats up SO quickly, only a few seconds and it is ready to go. I also don’t have it on the highest temperature because it is not needed, I personally feel that around 360 F is the perfect heat to make the straightener work just enough without putting too much heat on my hair. It also leaves it super sleek and shiny which I love. A terma pouch was also included so that I can store the iron even when its hot. Perfect when you’re traveling or on the go!

I have been planning to do some hair stuff on youtube eventually, these guys will definitely make it so much easier for me! And even though I don’t too often put any heat on my hair it is sometimes nice to do something extra.

All these offers are good until October 31. Shop at NuMe ♥


A little update

My friend from Sweden arrived yesterday, and with my birthday coming up tomorrow the least I can say is that I have a lot to do. He brought me all of my favorite candies from Sweden, like oh lord this is my favorite day of all time! If you haven’t had Swedish Candy before, you have not lived. I literally HATE american candy, its all chemicals and stuff that will slowly kill you ahead of time. I am serious about my candy, and I got the best of the best. IMG_1133

Other ten that I have received a bunch of fun packages, among them some stuff from Sephora. After getting a sample box of the Bumble and Bumble products I fell in love, and so did my hair. It just leaves its smooth and unfrizzy and I love it. Its perfect in between using all the violett blonde shampoos. All of these have smaller travel sizes for sale if you just want to try them out, and I definitely think you should!

Hairdressers Invisible Oil – Heat/UV Protector | Sulfate Free Shampoo | Conditioner


Well, tomorrow is my 21st birthday. I’ll probably pop up a little “Yay Its my birthday post”

Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Spree

I was sent to Bed Bath & Beyond Los angeles (on olympic) for a fun little shopping spree experience and to get some back to school items for myself! I think that Bed Bat & Beyond is the perfect store to buy any beauty, home or personal items for yourself as they have almost anything you might need in their stores! The Los Angeles store is HUGE, it even has two floors which makes it even bigger. There is also a World Market located in there which, if you didn’t know, has food from all over the world (yummy).

I went there especially for the Harmon Face Values store (beauty supplies) that is located inside of the Bed Bath & Beyond store, and oh my god. Not only did they have gigantic aisles, there were about 8-10 of them in the beauty category and there were so much stuff there!! Anything from just shampoo and conditioner to straightening irons, makeup supplies and teeth whitening items. This is just one of the very stuffed aisles that were on the lower floor of the store.


The products on the aisles are mixed for both women and men, it is like the ultimate beauty and health store for the whole family or all your friends. I have been here a few times before shopping for beauty products, but at those times I didn’t think about how much bigger this store actually is, compared to some other Bed Bat & Beyond stores which don’t have the Harmon stores. I was also very pleased, and surprised to find items that I didn’t expect to see there and I got some very fun and useful items with me home that I really needed!

Crest and Covergirl isles at the Harmon Face Value store, just packed with items!

IMG_0771 copyI always enjoy going to Bed Bath & Beyond, they also give great discounts if you subscribe to their newsletter as well, which I guess have been a factor to why I choose to go there over other stores. I went on a Monday, surprisingly there were a lot of people in the store when I wouldn’t have expected that. But the store wasn’t packed so it didn’t really bother me too much, the aisles were also  constantly being refilled with inventory which is great. I don’t want to go there to find that my favorite items aren’t stocked.

I was sent a little back to school survival kit, which I will also give away + a $50 gift card to one of my followers on Instagram, the contest will start on the 27th so be sure to follow me! (You can find my Instagram here) I think I received a great kit with everything I could possibly need. What i received was; Full Lash Bloom CoverGirl Mascara, CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick – Ravishing Rose, Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection mouthwash,  Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste, Oral-B Sensi Soft toothbrush, Herbal Essences color me happy shampoo and conditionerSecret Deodorant, Shower loofa and a Mesh shower tote. Isn’t this a great kit for anyone, back to school or not?


Now lets see what fun things I bought wile I visited the store. I received a $150 gift card to spend at the Bed Bath & Beyond store for any back to school items. Now nothing says time to prepare myself for a new year like som new items, and some time to reorganize what I already have as well! Thats why I bought some Real Techniques brushes (which I had no idea were sold there) and a makeup box for organizing all my old, and new makeup! I also decided to get some light makeup from Covergirl, a very light foundation and a mineral bronzer was my picks as well as a new eyeliner. As for the rest of my body I got some necessities, shaving cream from Venus, dry shampoo and a volumizing mousse from Herbal Essence, another deodorant from Secret, can never have enough of those and this one smelled so good. And lastly some floss picks from OralB.

IMG_0792 IMG_0794 copy

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, P&G, and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Package from Sephora

Some of the beautiful benefits of being a Beauty Insider at Sephora is all the free samples and goodies you can get for free. Ive gathered a lot of points from previous purchases and I take extra bonus point offers to my advantage.

I ordered the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Ebony. Ive always wanted to try Anastasia Beverly Hills products because I’ve heard so much good about them, but the last time i bought a contour kit they were out in store so i got another brand. The contour kit I’m currently using is from smash box and i love it, but I still wanted to try this one from Anastasia.


I also got a few Beauty Insider Rewards, one box from Bumble and Bumble containing following sample products:

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My hair is finally silver!

After my second full bleaching almost all my hair went white, there are though some spots that still are a bit yellow that I’m gonna try to get whiter without bleaching it. I never thought that it would go by so easily and so fast, but this has taken me less than 3 weeks to do. I am also gonna color the orange parts darker, to match my roots.

I will do a full on guide on how Ive done when bleaching to what products I’ve been using and will be using in the future. I am also using some clip-in extensions in my hair. Im using the BELLAMI Sterling Silver Samantha 120 gram 18″ If there are any specific questions that you have, please comment them and I will include them as well! 

Im wearing a crop-top from, code “sofia” gives you 15% off site-wide!!

Bleaching No 2

I can’t fully say that this is bleaching number two, but this is the first full bleaching I’ve done. The last time I only had the bleach in for about 15-20 min. This time I had it in for about 45 minutes. I have not in any ways tampered with the pictures color wise and I was using a very bright light to take these pictures (its 9pm at night). The oranginess comes from the ceiling light.

I am super happy about how it turned out, it is however a bit too yellow still to take on a full grey color so ill need another bleach next week. Now I know that you should bleach so close together but my hair has bee doing VERY well. The secret is coconut oil, at least 6 hours before bleaching I’ve covered my hair in 100% virgin coconut oil and before bleaching I’ve applied even more. IMG_9770

My hair has been doing GREAT, it is in no way dry, brittle or stripy as it usually may be after bleaching. It actually feels even better then before I bleached it. Coconut oil is truly amazing, to anything! I will as Ive mentioned keep my roots dark and then let it go full on silver.

I will take you step by step through the process when its done and also tell you all about the products I’ve been using. They have been so good all of them! Considering this is my first time ever bleaching my hair I am truly really happy about how it is turning out