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Hello, Im Sofia Nilsson. Born and raised in Sweden – Westcoast implant. Currently living in Los Angeles, California. A 21 year old Fashion and Beauty junkie. Vurrently a Business Merchandising and Marketing student at Santa Monica College, with goals to finish my BA in Marketing. I moved out here, from the Swedish Westcoast, right away after I finished High School at an age of 18. I have since then gotten my double AA degree in Merchandising and Marketing, now working towards my BA degree in Marketing. I have not yet to decided what I want to do in the future, but photography, graphics and journalism lays close to my heart as well.

A love affair is my escape to everything I love.


Everything published on this website, photos and texts, are my own unless other is said. I will always express my own opinion and truth, nothing will change that.


I may receive compensation or products for free, and if, that will be stated within the post and it will also be included in my sponsored category. I do not cover every single item that I am being sent because of the high amount of items. Therefore, sending me an item will not guarantee coverage. Any products sent to me for free will be marked with an (*) after it being linked or mentioned (Starting September 2016). I would never speak untruthful or lie about a product I received or are getting paid for to write about if I do not like them, and rarely write about products that I do not like. 

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Some links that I use in my posts may be affiliate links in which I receive a small percentage in revenue from the purchases of a link you may have clicked on. 

If you have any questions use my contact form and I will get back to you shortly.