The best loungewear available right now

It seems like the world is going crazy, right? But I could not find loungewear ANYWHERE. And whenever I tried, everything was sold out. Remember yesterday’s post where I linked some cute loungewear? Well, all those items sold out overnight! INSANE! Well, I have scoped out the big world wide web and collected some loungewear that is (currently) available. Just click the pictures to shop!

cozy loungewear to shop now

I wanted to include Nastygal in this guide as they have super cute items sometimes, but they seem to run out of stock almost as soon as something new hits the website. Instead, I recommend you go to their website and check out what they currently have.

Loungewear available at ASOS

I’m not going to lie; I think that ASOS has by far the best selection of loungewear available now, and that is why I’m starting with them. It’s my style, and I think that the price points are fair. It was SO hard to find my few favorites, but here they are. There are also a lot of mix and match options that you can do! Just click the arrows to scroll through my selections.

Loungewear available at Bandier.

Bandier is curated mostly towards activewear, but I’ve managed to find some loungewear available on their website. Keep in mind that Bandier has a selection of curated brands that tend to be at a higher price point. If it’s your first time shopping at Bandier, you get a 15% discount. And they regularly have flash sales, so stay on the lookout!

Loungewear available at Missguided

Similar to many fast-fashion websites, Missguideds inventory seems to deplete quite quickly. I tried my best to only select items that had a more extensive range of sizes available. But no promises that it will still be available in your size once you’ve made your way to an item! I also tried to add a variation of sleepwear, dresses, and hoodies to the selection.

Loungewear available at Nordstrom

Nordstrom doesn’t sell a lot of sets or co-ords, but that allows you to mix and match items. I had to search through many categories to find some of my favorite selections to lounge around in. Also, some things are 40% off right now, so take advantage!


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