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Its finally that time of the year when we are going back to school. I personally only have one week left to get all my back-to-school things together. That includes buying school supplies and preparing for all my classes this fall. The thing I dread the most is spending all that money on textbooks. Some of them are $200 or more for just one class. That’s why I am loving Cengage Unlimited. It is a more affordable option to access the course materials I need for my classes, and more.

Cengage Unlimited is a new, one of a kind, subscription service available for US students. You pay only $119.99 per semester for the subscription service and get access to all digital education materials as well as other study materials online with Cengage. The service offers more than 20,000 products from over 675 courses and you are able to access and use how ever many as you want or need. Besides getting access to ebooks and study materials, you also have access to all your Cengage courses on platforms like Mindtap and WebAssign, and you can get print rentals for every activated digital course for only $7.99. Shipping is free.

I have been loving the subscription service a little bit extra because not only can I access the materials my class requires, but I can also access other books within the same subject to further my knowledge. It has been really helpful in terms of preparing for my classes and also understanding the subjects better. What I don’t understand in one book, another one can explain in a different way. I have been extra nervous for the upcoming semester since I am taking all my gateway classes, so I can advance to my upper division classes. Having access to extra materials and study services is really going to help me out.

With only one week left to prepare for the fall semester I have made a list of the most important things I do in order to be prepared for the new semester. College can be super stressful at times so I like to plan everything out ahead of time.

  • Making sure I have the material for my classes (Cengage Unlimited has managed to make this a whole lot easier for me.)
  • Buying school supplies, notebooks, pens, staplers and anything else I might need.
  • Mapping out free time for studying and also planning out different areas where I can study in peace and quiet.
  • Planning out my schedule and mapping out where all my classes are so I know on my first day. I even put in all my classes in my calendar so I keep track of my weekly and monthly schedule.

If you are interested in checking out Cengage Unlimited you can do so by following this link HERE.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Cengage Unlimited and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.


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