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Brahmin was kind enough to send me one of their new bags. The Priscilla Melbourne Mini Satchel in color Tart/Gold. This is the first Brahmin bag that I own and I am already in love with it. If you know me, you know that I love smaller bags and a mini satchel is exactly what I needed to add to my collection.

Since this is my first bag from Brahmin and also a new brand for me I wanted to talk a little bit about the brand and their vision. Im sure a lot of you may be familiar with the brand. But I’m sure that a lot of you, just like me just recently discovered them. 

Brahmin was founded in 1982, so yeah they have been around for a while now! They pride themselves on having some of the best quality materials and a lot of their elater goods are imported from Italy. All products are hand made in Massachusetts and one single product can have as many as two-dozen people work on it until it has been finished. 

Before even making a sample bag in leather, they use paper to create a sample. Making it easy to correct and perfect the design until it is actually made. You can also learn about the different materials and textures of their products on Brahmins website. 

The Priscilla Melbourne Mini Satchel in color is one of Brahmins Top Seller as of this moment. Below I had e linked a few other items that are hot right now from Brahmin. 

I was gifted the bag via Octoly. Octal isa  app where you can get free items form major brands in exchange for posting/reviewing them on your social. You need at lest 5000 Instagram followers to be approved, but if you do have that and sign up via my link you get 5 extra octo-points that later can be used to get gift cards to major stores like Amazon and Sephora. Sign up here via my link.


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