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Do you ever happen to misplace or lose your things and end up spending more time finding them than you would actually using them? Well, in that case tile can help you! I rarely misplace my keys or wallet, but have a tendency to misplace my cameras or accessories for them. And so, every time I really need to use any of them, I have put them somewhere. But Im not completely sure of where they are. So, I go absolutely ballistic trying to find them. No more! Thanks to tile I can attach it to my camera, my remote controls – literally anything. And tile will help me find whatever I am looking find it with tile Thanks to the tile app I can connect one or more tiles to my items making it super easy to find my items. When I press find the tile will play a tune so I can find it if I am nearby. If my item with the tile isn’t closely a map can show me where I last was close to it. What I love about this as well is that if i double press the tile – it finds my phone and my phone makes a sound. Its kind of a reverse function so they find each other! I love it since I often misplace my phone as well.


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  1. This is awesome and actually would make a good gift! One of those things you need but don’t want to purchase yourself which makes for an excellent gift. That being said, I need this! I am always losing stuff. And heaven forbid I lose my phone which I have done in the past! Such a cute and modern attachment too! I will definitely look into getting a few of these for myself and the family this holiday! xoxo, Christine

  2. This app is so useful! I am constantly misplacing things, so it would be SO nice to have a way to find them. I will definitely be getting this.

    ~xo Sheree

  3. Umm what!?! These things exist?! I’ve literally been losing stuff like no tomorrow since falling pregnant #BabyBrain and my camera accessories and add ons are the first to go missing haha! This would actually be a life-saver to EVERY pregnant women out there and every man LOL!

    H xx

  4. Omg, a year ago, I actually wrote a review on TILE too, because I truly enjoyed having it and ordered this year even more. My favorite sleek design cuz I can care it in my wallet and not worry that it will get lost. Since, I got robbed in Paris, and I had a dead Tile in my wallet, I wish I was more careful that day and switched to my new tile.

  5. This may quite literally be the best thing ever created! Tile is absolutely perfect! Definitely know what I’m adding to my wish list now! I am horrible at loosing things! Mostly my keys and my phone but generally I misplace things pretty often! This is even perfect for my little ones! Like adding it to my daughters dance bag! Thanks for introducing me to them!

    Manda |

  6. Oh my god! I’ve heard of this before. Haha yes this was literally designed for me. I can never find my phone, wallet or keys. Top three things i need and always find a way to lose. I’m gonna hint this as part of my wishlist

  7. Hey babe,
    How are you? This truly seems like the perfect thing for me. I tend to misplace things a lot more than I should. I can never find the cap lense for my camera after I use it. This seems like the perfect little gadget that will make my life a ton easier. It’s honestly amazing how they have an app and everything. I truly think this product is wonderful and I’d love to try it out. Thanks so much for sharing and letting me know a little bit more about Tile, I loved it!

    xoxo, vanessa

  8. Wow! This is happening! When I was a teenager I dreamed of this kind of device! And I bet once you’ve tried it, you can’t live without it anymore. I’m always loosing my keys, or wallets, or phone, so this is definitely for me! Thanks a lot for sharing it, now I’m about to place the order, haha!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  9. This is so useful! I think I need like 10 of these! My dad always says that I haven’t lost my head because it’s stick to my body lol

    Love techy stuff like this!



  10. Now how have I not been able to come up with something like this?! It’s such a genius idea! I constantly misplace things, particularly my phone and my keys and something like Tile would be so useful for me. I am definitely going to look into this for my household!

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