My journey to healthy habits with Kiwami Greens

Small changes in my life is always a big step towards something bigger. That is why I am so excited to talk to you about Kiwami Greens. Before jumping into the product I have to say that when it comes to greens I have tried it all. Hemp powder, super greens, all that stuff. And I think that no matter what I mix it in, it tastes awful. So yes I was a little bit skeptic about trying yet another green healthy powder. But, I was pleasantly surprised!

Kiwami Greens contains of Aojuri. A Japanese Green drink mixture that is super healthy for you. It is usually made of Kale and/or barley. Kiwami Greens contains of Young Barley leaf, Ashitaba, and it is combined with matcha and Sencha. Anything matcha and I will love it. It is basically a mixture of all the greens that you need to boost your healthier life. 

I love to mix my Kiwami Greens into a fruit smoothie or my morning yoghurt. It blends extremely well in any drink or yogurt which makes it so easy to add to my daily diet. One box contains 30 individually packs so you can easily carry it with you if you are on the go or traveling.

One morning I made a super fresh smoothie for breakfast. Containing fresh mango, bananas and avocado mixed with a little bit of green juice. I also added my Kiwami Greens to it and it blended perfectly. The Mango made it naturally sweet and the avocado added some texture. I love that I can taste the matcha but not the usual greens that tastes bitter. This is truly one of few healthy additions I would add to a lot of my food and drinks.

Kiwami Greens are offering 10% off your first purchase if you use code SUMMER10.


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