Why Mochi should be your new addiction

Mochi – You have probably seen or heard about it. But do you know what it actually is? Mochi is a Japanese dessert, or treat if you will, that contains of a rice cake filled with ice cream. The name mochi itself comes from the rice cake that contains the ice cream filling. In Japanese culture mochi plays a big role and it is more than just a dessert. The treat is a sign of big fortune and also a huge part of the new years celebrations in Japan. Mochi has later become popular around the world as the delicious treat that it is. I mean who doesn’t love ice cream?

My/Mo MochiI picked up a couple of flavors of the My/Mo mochi at my local grocery store. You can find your local My/Mo Mochi retailer here. It comes in 7 delicious flavors. Double Chocolate. Green Tea. Cookies and Creams. Ripe Strawberry. Sweet Mango. Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Bean. I decided to pick up Ripe Strawberry and Sweet Mango as I have had the Double Chocolate before and absolutely loved it. But was feeling something fruity at the time!

My/Mo Mochi For being of Asian heritage, mochi is quite new for me and I only discovered it a couple of years ago. There is something sensational about being able to pick up this rice cake. And to find it to be filled with ice cream when you bite into it. It tastes the best if you let it rest for a couple of minutes before eating so the ice cream inside gets a little bit soft. It’s a ooey-gooey feeling of deliciousness. If you haven’t tried Mochi before – you’re welcome. And if you have. What flavor is your favorite?

My/Mo Mochi


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