Five appetizers to pair with Chardonnay

Food has always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I can remember I used to be in the kitchen with my mom. And by the age of 8, I was cooking my own meals. My parents were both working parents and at a young age they decided that I could stay at home by myself. My cooking consisted mostly of noodle soups and pasta dishes until, I got older and moved away from home. Except from the cooking classes we had in school, I didn’t really try things myself. So finally at the age of 16 I started to explore food. And discovered that I was quite good at it. Cooking school was actually one of the choices I considered but I never took that path.

Now, instead I enjoy cooking and baking for friends and family whenever I have time. I wish I had a boyfriend just for the joy of couples dinners and inviting people over on a Sunday night! But, until then I will enjoy the food with a glass of Chardonnay. Therefore, I have gathered some of my favorite, easy to make, appetizers that pairs great with Chardonnay. My Chardonnay of choice is Morning Fog by Wente. It has an amazing crips flavor to it.

Peach and Ricotta Crostini

Usually I would make this during fig season and use figs instead. But Chardonnay pairs amazingly with peaches all together so I made a twist on this crostini and topped it with peaches instead of figs. This little snack is super easy to make. Take crostini or toasted baguettes. Top off with ricotta cheese, some peaches and drizzle some honey on top. Its crunchy. Its sweet. And the ricotta cheese balances it out perfectly. Pairing this with a crips and fresh Chardonnay like the Wente Morning Fog is perfect.

Avocado and tuna tapas

Avocados is something we are anything but short of here in California. And, there are more to it than just making guac. Simple, fast and tasty. That three words that would describe this little dish. If you’re serving it to several people, an easy way to do it is to slice up the avocados into pieces and serve the tuna mixture on top or as a dip. The mixture is so simple to make. All you need to do is stir some canned tuna, mayo, red bell pepper, green onions and seasoning. You can leave it in the fridge for later or serve it right away.

Baked ham and cheese rollups

Not gonna lie, this was the first time I have made these. And also my first experience ever using store bought ready to bake crescent dough. Although the looks aren’t the best on these. They still taste amazing! and you know what they say. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. For next time hopefully these little rolls will look better and still taste amazing! You could literally stuff them with anything but I went with the simple ham and cheese stuffing.

Seared tuna with dragonfruit

This was my favorite dish to make. Not only because it was my first time ever cooking a tuna steak. But also because it included something I love – dragonfruit. So many people always say that its tasteless and a boring fruit. But if you get the right, one its sweet and juicy. I seared the tuna and seasoned it with some cayenne pepper. The spicy flavored amazingly with the sweet fruit and also, its a really beautiful price to have on the table. You can serve the tuna steak as it is with the dragonfruit on the side. Or you can make a salad type of dish and serve it inside of the colorful fruit shell.

There are probably dozens of other appetizers that you can make and pair with Chardonnay. This is just a collections of a few of my favorite ones. Its easy tot how together a cheese plate for wine night. But if you really want to impress your friends and make some tasty items that doesn’t take up a lot of time I daintily thing you should try some of these dishes. It took me about an hour to do all of these and clean up the mess I had made. To learn more about the different wines Wente offers visit this page.


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