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I’m Chasing High

written by Sofia May 5, 2017

The reasons I haven’t posted or taken any outfit photos lately are many. But they are completely irrelevant. The real truth is that I didn’t want to. I didn’t feel good about myself, I didn’t feel good in general for a while. You can say that I lost the spark but that it came back to me again. I am forcing myself to take the time and the opportunities and these photos are what happens. I am so happy that not only I am back, but that I feel so good about the results. If you didn’t know already I always take all my photos myself. Even the ones of me. You can come a long way with a tripod and a remote shutter.

Shop the look at the bottom of the post. I couldn’t find this bag online, but I just got it in store at Aldo two days ago. I included some other alternatives if you’re an online shopper! The dress is from Targets Who What Wear collection and doesn’t seem to be available online. I got it in stores a couple of days ago.


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