Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

The latest release from Hourglass is the Veil Mineral Primer. The company explains the product as “an oil-free primer silky, airy texture that leaves a smooth canvas for makeup, while reducing the look of redness, pores, and wrinkles”. The primer also supposedly conceals redness and minimize signs or pores, lines and wrinkles. The Veil Mineral Primer has a SPF 15 with mineral-derived sunscreens. It’s ideal for all skin types, even sensitive and repels water so that the makeup can stay on longer. The formula is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates and you can buy it for a whooping $54 at your local Sephora.

To me, a good primer is essential in my makeup routine. Whether I do a natural simple look or go all glam I make sure that I have the best base possible to make it last. I was super excited to try out the Veil Mineral Primer from Hourglass as soon s it arrived to my doorsteps. I must admit, the packaging is absolutely stunning just like everything else form Hourglass. And I did not expect anything else. However, I was extremely disappointed in the product itself.

We are just transitioning from winter to spring/summer and our skin is probably in a very fragile state. I make sure to moisturize and keep up with my daily cleansing routine. But even so I notice som dryness and pores here and there. Since the product itself claimed to be suitable for all skin types as well as sensitive I expected a whole lot more from it. At first when I tested it on my hands it did indeed feel silky soft and I felt like it was very air light. It did however leave a thin firm of white residue.

I really wanted this product to work out. But as soon as I applied it to my skin I could instantly tell that it wouldn’t work. I could see my pores actually being enlarged and any dry area would look even drier and the white layer would show off eve more on the dry areas. It just looked awful by itself. Applying a foundation over it did not help at all and my skin actually looked way better without a primer. Unfortunately, for me and my skin, this primer is a big no.

That is how things work in life. Not everything will suit everyone. This does however not mean that this primer won’t be your holy grail primer. This just means it simply did not work out for me. And I will most likely not give it another try after this. I will stick with my favorite primers from Smashbox, and as usual I will link them down below together with some of my other favorite primers! 

Shop my favorites down below the image.


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  1. Thank you so much for this completely thorough and honest review of Veil Mineral Primer ! It is so great to be able to visit your blog and find out more about products and trends !

  2. Hey Beautiful,
    I never Heard about Hourglass but Definitely will check out:) this Veil Mineral Primer sounds very Interesting:)
    Love Beauty Products and To Test:) Very Curios to try out:) Hope it works with my Skin:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Easter

  3. Will it be a crime if I tell you I never use a primer? I know I am terrible with my makeup and skincare. Kudos to you for giving your honest opinion about the product. I get so confused when I need to buy products and try them on. They all feel good on my skin when I try them but I don’t buy anything as I don’t really know which one would best for my skin. How do you chose your products? Do you buy and try them at home or do you get samples and try them few times until you decide which one suits your skin best. Ah so confusing, I need help 🙂
    Aurela xoxox

  4. I am a huge fan of Hourglass products and am sad that you didn’t find this one worked for your skin. I tried a sample of one of their primers and liked the silky feel of it but I definitely will have to test this one out before committing now. Thank you for the honest review of the product, I really appreciate it. xoxo, Christine

  5. I have been looking for this type of primer, because my pores are big, well we Asians have big pores, which kind of helps us to prevent early aging, but at same time it is bad to deal with acne. I need something that can smooth my skin and prevent redness too. I definitely gonna check this brand out, my last primer just finished and I need something new! Thanks for share!

  6. I’m sorry the product didn’t suit you as must as you’d hope. It’s a real shame too because it’s so beautifully packaged it definitely looks very high end (as I can tell by that price tag wow!). I love products that consider factors like SPF because it really shows them trying to cover a range of product in one, but I guess that’s the downfall of incorporating too much and losing sight of the products main purpose.
    Sorry to hear about your experience babe, hopefully it works better on some than others


  7. So sad that this product didn’t work for you babe! But thanks for sharing such an honest review.
    It’s really hard with skin products. We are all so different and it’s hard to find good skin products.
    Love the photos and I’ve heard great things about this brand in particular, so I’m curious to try it out anyways 🙂 Maybe it’ll be the Holy Grail for me! I’ll keep you posted!

  8. Hourglass is one of my favourite brands when it comes to all the decorative cosmetics. But to be honest, I’ve never tried any of their prep products. I’m not a huge fan of using primers at all, the one that I have is from MAC and it works for me quite well. I’m really sorry to hear that you were disappointed and that this primer didn’t work for you. The packaging, however, looks beautiful! Thanks for this honest review!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  9. Girl, thanks for sharing this amazing and totally honest review. To be honest I have never heard about this brand Hourglass . I normally don’t use primer, only my moisturizer after the serum. I will probably try this out and see how it works on my skin. I’ll let you know
    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  10. Oh really? So sorry to hear about it, girl! I actually enjoyed this primer. The formula is so silky and works perfectly for serum style foundations! I tried it with Estee Lauder Double Wear and it worked so-so. In other words, maybe you can give it another chance by testing it with another type of foundation? Just saying! I still enjoyed the photos!

  11. Great to see an honest review. My skin is extremely dry so since you said this product gave you dry patches, it will not work on me either. I do love using a good primer before my foundation. Laura Mercier being one of them and I see you have included in your favorites. xo shalini

  12. You know I’ve never really worn primer cause I haven’t notice a huge difference. I tried their foundation and it also did not work out for my skin (longterm). Such a bummer. They really do make really good foundation and products. Thanks for your honest opinion. I now know this primer wouldn’t work for me because of my sensitive skin.

  13. I am a big fan of Hourglass Cosmetics, my favourite products are their Primer and the Ambient Lightening Powder. The primer surprisingly works well for my combination skin in Singapore’s Humid climate. But I completely understand that it may not work for all skin types and I loved reading your honest review. What primer do you usually use? I have heard so much about the Smashbox primers, but I haven’t tried them. Would you recommend a particular primer for combination skin?


  14. Hourglass I heard of them and never tried but I love their minimal packaging.
    A primer is a must for everyone I can’t live without mine!
    I’m glad you did such a honest review so refreshing,I’ve bought a holy grail primer from a well known brand and it turned out to be horrible and I had to return it so for sure it’s true some people will love it and for others it just won’t work.

  15. I really appreciate the candid review of this product and I’m sorry that it didn’t work for you. While I’ve been hearing lots of hype and rave reviews about this primer, I agree that it may not work on everyone!! I really had high hopes for it too and I’m glad to read a negative review so I know what to expect. Thank you for sharing your unbiased opinion.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  16. Sorry to hear the product didn’t work for you skin babe!! This is why I love trying different skin care products because every person have different skin textures. Really admire the honesty in this post.I will check this product out since I’m really curious to see how will work on my type of skin. Preparing your skin before makeup is always so important.
    Thanks for sharing!


  17. Sorry to hear the product didn’t work for you skin babe!! This is why I love trying different skin care products because every person have different skin textures. Really admire the honesty in this post.I will check this product out since I’m really curious to see how will work on my type of skin. Preparing your skin before makeup is always so important.
    Thanks for sharing!


  18. I just have to say, bummer. I’m looking for that perfect primer and had high expectations seeing the pictures and expecting a great review, but alas, as I also have sensitive skin, this wouldn’t do it for me no matter what. I’m sure it works for some people as I’d think it wouldn’t have made it to the stores, but like you said, some things in life aren’t as expected and this apparently doesn’t work for us. Och först nu kommer jag på att jag skriver på engelska, haha, men fortsätter med att säga att det kanske är vår skandinaviska hudtyp som inte tål just denna primer. 🙂 Tusen tack för en genuin och ärlig recension av produkten dock!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing such an honest review. It is really important, especially when it’s your skin. So sad that this product didn’t work for you.. I normally don’t use primer but I have a dry skin too so this product will not work on me. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week babe. xoxo Elif

  20. Thank you for sharing your honest review of this product! As for how it sits on your skin though, I definitely find that silicone-based primers will make the complexion appear worse when the epidermis is dry. The same is happening to me right now. As you said, skin can be very fragile in between seasons. I hope when your skin is well balanced, you can try this again. I’m a little confused though because I’ve used this same primer for several years off and on. Did it get reformulated and rolled out again?

    xo Soo |

  21. Thank you for your honest opinion! I have very sensitive skin, so I don’t put a lot of products on my face. I honestly don’t use primer and only just started using a moisturizer! It is hard finding products suitable for my skin.

  22. I absolutely love Hourglass’s veil mineral foundation so I would definitely want to give this primer a try, especially since it has SPF in it. Like you, I’m a devoted primer enthusiast!! I tend to prefer the ones that have more of a silicone texture though, since they do a better job of controlling my shine throughout the day. Still, I’d be curious to try this! Thank you for the honest review!

    xx freshfizzle

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