A Little Bit of Love From Paris with Ladurée

In case you already didn’t know. Ladurée opened their first West Coast location here in LA in December last year. Located at The Grove this two story bakery and restaurant stands out with it’s pastel green exteriors. Right in front of the fountain with added outdoor seating with a Parisian feel. Luxury, glamour and excitement is what I feel as I enter through the doors. Only to be greeted of a sea of macaroons and other delicious pastries. Seems as I wasn’t the only one on a Thursday to go there only for the Macaroons. Which Ladurée are famous for.

The window displays were a work of art. Even walls behind the counter. Which I would imagine is every pastry makers dream. And with a perfect combination of sweetness, luxury and colors that complement each other. Whilst I wish I had taken som photos inside. My mind was too overwhelmed by excitement. I decided to get a box of 6 macaroons and a pastry. If you didn’t know this already, macaroons are my absolute favorite treat. And I also know how to bake them! 

The party I decided to go with was a mystery to me. It still is as I don’t remember the name. But it was a giant macaroon with raspberries and the inside had a lychee raspberry filling that was sensational. For my next visit to Ladurée I will definitely make sure to grab some lunch! (And more photos).  


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  1. Omg ! They don’t have Laduree here in Toronto but I was able to try some from friends over in Europe who brought them when visiting. One of the best made macarons I’ve ever tried and the way they package it is just so luxurious.


  2. I was soooo excited to hear that Laudree opened here on the West Coast! I haven’t been yet but have only seen photos. You are so lucky to have gone and tried all these amazing macarons. I too love macarons and I am beyond impressed that you can even bake them (you go girl!). I need to go there soon and see and taste for myself! So….how do they compare to Bottega Louis? And is it worth all the hype? xoxo, Christine

  3. You had me at macaroons, my beautiful darling and I love this so much because I’m all about luxurious details and appreciating the little, finer things in life. Your photos and descriptions are simply delightful! Thank you so much!

  4. Laduree is one of my favorite places to go for high tea here in NYC. Glad to hear they opened one in LA as well. A little bit of Paris doesn’t hurt right? and of course the macaroons are to die for. Not sure how the location looks like in LA but the garden here in NYC is so pretty. xo Shalini

  5. omg Laduree is so amazing, the first time I tried it was in Paris! I bought so many of their cute macaroon key rings from their store too, they’re like perfect gifts to give to family and friends! I really want to try the giant macaroon with raspberries you had in your blog. it looks tooo good to be true!!

  6. I am totally in love with Ladurée myself. They have the prettiest decor, desserts and macarons of course. I have to hold myself back or I would be getting them every week. My favourite macarons are raspberry and dark chocolate. Which ones did you like?



  7. I can’t believe you know how to bake macaroons! It’s so difficult, but they are so yummy. I think I will get some on the way home from work today 🙂

  8. Hey Love:)
    Hows you?
    Love Macaroons and these looks Heavenly:)
    Wish I could eat now all those cute Macaroons:)
    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Kary

  9. What an incredible experience! I love macaroons and every time I have an opportunity, I visit the store in Miami Beach. Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie! Xx, Gina

  10. I’ve heard and seen such good things about Laduree. I was in LA in both Dec and Jan but totally did not know this. I’m going to have to bookmark this post as a reminder to visit this bakery next time I’m in LA. I’m a macaron fanatic! So beautiful, and so delicious!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

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