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New York Hot Dog Baby

You have probably noticed that I haven’t bene posting as much outfits lately. The honest reason to that is because Ive gone through a lot this past year. Due to hormonal changes I have gained 20 pounds in less than a year. It might not be visible as much as I think. But mentally its a heavy burden knowing. Hormonal weight gain is the hardest one to get rid of because its all internally. I know that I have a long journey ahead of me if I want to get back. Starting with thinking differently.

I didn’t post because the social media world have an image of what the popular girl looks like. I compared myself too much to other people. Models, the old me mostly and saw two different people. Now I realized that my weight gain is my battle, no one else. And it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either. If someone follow me only for how I look, you’re here for all the wrong reasons. 2017 is the year of changes, and the year of improvements. Thats why I have stepped out of my shell. Stopped comparing myself to others and going back to be the me that I once was.

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