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These past couple weeks have been crazy package wise. Companies are releasing a ton of new products for 2017. They have holiday specials and the holiday gifting are unreal. I haven’t even opened up all the packages Ive gotten in the past week because I have been so busy with work. the holiday times are the hardest and most time consuming. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably also noticed that I haven’t post there for a week now. I just needed some time off before the holidays to cope with everything else going on.

Some of the things that I did open and actually have tried are these new products from Marc Jacobs Beauty. The PR team at Marc Jacobs is amazing and they always send me the best packages! Do take note that all products mentioned in this post has been gifted to me. I got one of their holiday sets which was the Up All Night Five-Piece Petites Le Marc Lip Crème Collection* (Now on sale). They also sent me all the shades of their new Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème*.

The holiday set is super cute. You get this really nice metallic hard cover bag. Inside the bag there are 5 mini sized lipsticks of Marc Jacobs Beauty’s best selling lipstick shades. You get a nude. A bright red. A dark red. A hot pink and a dark purple shade. The mini sizes are perfect to bring for a night out since they won’t take up a lot of space. And, you can also use the fun clutch for a night out to add some color to your look. I love all of the shades, but the ones I would use the least would be the red ones. Im a true sucker for nudes and a nice dark lip.

The Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème* is just so, so, so amazing that I can’t even deal with it! I do not have any hesitations on saying that YOU need at least one of these shades right now. So far Marc Jacobs have only released the Lip Creme in 6 different shades. They are all on the nude and pinkish side which will be perfect for the romantic spring that is upon us. These shades are all right up my alley and I love that I have all of them! First of all, the formula is beyond something I have seen before. Its creamy and rich. But it isn’t so rich that it becomes patchy. Its consistent through the different shades and gives an amazing coverage with just one swipe. If you don’t believe me, go to the nearest Sephora right now and try it out!

Although I clearly wasn’t very new with my swatches I was so amazed that I needed to share them with you! From left to right; Yours to try. Fawn over me. Truth or bare. Shush blush. Slow Burn. And lastly Hot cocoa. I have included these products and direct links to them down below. Together with some of my other favorite lip products. Which of these shades is your favorite, from looking at the swatches?


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  1. I didn’t know Marc Jacobs had a line of beauty products. They look really amazing in your pictures. Thanks for sharing, sweetie!

    happy holidays!


  2. What pretty lip colors form Marc Jacobs! Look like the perfect gift for girlfriends 😉 Thanks for sharing and hope you’ll enjoy your holiday weekend!

  3. I hear you regarding the packages, and it’s not over yet. As I’m home (in Stockholm) for Christmas my mailman actually has called me panicking over the amount of packets he’s not able to deliver to me as he needs my signature, haha. And then opening them is yet another problem I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ll leave that to when i get home.
    Have a wonderful Christmas sweetie!

  4. I love the packaging and adore Marc jacobs beauty products. The lip creme shades look so pretty. For everyday look I prefer the neutrals but for the holidays and evening I love the darker and red shades! Great post! Happy holidays! Xx shalini

  5. I think it’s so funny that the one you’d use the least is the red!!! That’s the one I would use the MOS! Lol
    All the swatches look gorgeous against your skin! Can’t wait to see them on you!

  6. This is the first year I’ve been saying no to gifting, so I didn’t end up with many packages. (Only one or two from pr people who just randomly sent anyway). It felt better that I was consuming less because I honestly don’t use most of what is sent to me. In the past I generally just gave things away, but I always feel like all the packaging is such waste. Environmentally I mean. I can certainly notice the difference in comparison to last Christmas, when I was sent a ton of products!

    Xx Jenelle

    1. I just have PR companies sending me new releases, I never know when they will arrive or what they will send me.

  7. You now, I haven’t ever tried MJ makeup but you’re convincing me to check them out. I love these colors and the pigment looks so rich and smooth. Your makeup is always so beautiful, I trust your judgment too!

    Love, Liz

  8. Have never tried Marc Jacobs lipsticks, going to have to try after reading this. Looks like there are great lip colors.

  9. OMG all those nude colors are so pretty and I love the packaging! Marc Jacobs lipsticks last a long time too, I still have one from almost two years ago and the pigment is still amazing. They make such high quality cosmetics!


  10. I love Marc Jacobs! I’m so jealous you got sent these lipsticks. Like you I love the dark lips this season, but the lighter nudes look very nice too for the spring summer season. Such lovely shades, and their formula is very good too!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  11. Love all the shades of those lipsticks! They are the perfect day to night color and are such amazing neutrals! They look so soft and buttery the pigment!


  12. Loving the shades of those lipsticks! They are perfect for day to night and seem like they are applied like butter!


  13. I already adore Marc Jacobs lipstick. Now, I’m beyond excited to try his Liquid Lip Creme! I’ll definitely go for one of the pink shades. And, is it bad that I want the gift set so I can get that adorable pink metallic case?!?! Goodness I love holiday packaging! Thanks so much for the info on these babe!

    Lacey |

  14. I am obsessed with the Marc Jacobs gift set! I agree! December is always so busy! Loving all the new products for 2017.

    Happy holidays babe!

  15. OMG! I’m obsessed with those lip products. Well, I’m obsessed with anything Marc Jacobs! Must try these the next time I’m at Sephora!


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