Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette – Rose Gold Edition

Sephora recently had their 20% off VIB sale so I decided that I would purchase and discover some new products. Huda Beauty is on of the new brands at Sephora that I have yet to try up until now. Therefore I decided to buy the Eyeshadow Palette among a few other things from the brand. Huda is a huge beauty influencer, if you don’t know already who she is. Seeing all the gorgeous makeup looks she does and past photos of her products, I was confident in that I wouldn’t be disappointed in this palette. Read my full review and see more photos by clicking continue reading.


Lets start with the packaging. The palette itself is very light and I love that you can see through to all the eyeshadows. However, the palette itself is $65 which is a pretty penny. For the amount you pay I would have expected a more sturdy packaging. It is basically just a cardboard palette. Very light but also not as sturdy as for example Mannys palette for MakeupGeek or Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes. It does feel like it would break very easily and that the pans aren’t well protected.


Now what I love absolutely the most out this palette is that it has everything that I love. I am a sucker for varmer tones and thats why fall makeup is my favorite. The first 7 shades in this palette, the 3D metal shades, are whats really special. The pressed eyeshadows cannot be applied with a brush so you have to use a finger with these. So here is already my first dilemma. I feel like the pressed pigments are gonna be used fast because more is gonna stick to the finger than the eyelids. Just swatching them i noticed how much more pigmented my finger was than the actual swatch. The pigment is however incredibly creamy and the pigment is what it looks like.

Then we have some pearled eyeshadows and some matte eyeshadows. Now what threw mr through the roofs was that these are so much dryer than the pressed pigments. I was totally expecting a nice smooth creamy eyeshadow but they were really dry. Now swatching them they did not come up as pigmented and I had to keep on layering to get results. But, using them with a rush on my eyelids they showed up much nicer than in a swatch. Remember to not always trust a swatch and actually test it out on your eyelids.

All in all. This is an gorgeous eyeshadow palette. The 3D metals are really fun, pigmented and creamy but it can easily get messy. Even though the other shades are a bit dry they show up nicely on the eyelids and also blends nicely. But, is this palette worth $65? Absolutely not. Is it a great palette? It absolutely is. But for the money you pay I feel like you should get a nicer sturdy packaging, maybe include a brush. These colors aren’t really anything new and you could get just as great eyeshadows for less money. I would just say, unless you are a collector and really love makeup and can afford spending $65 on a palette. Save yourself the money and go and buy something from tarte, or Lorac, or the Anastasia palette if you still want a high end brand with amazing products.

It seems like the pallet us out of stock anyways, so I decided to link som other palettes which you can find at the bottom of the post.



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  1. såna där ögonbryn vill ja ha

    alltså tänk i fall man kunde ha sådär enromt stora fina ögonfranser av sej självt o välformade bryn he he ja men en önskan kanske

    fin måndag

  2. I missed the 20% off for VIP at Sephora. So bummed! I am going to look into the eyeshadow palettes you shared here. They look amazing!

  3. Wow, the colors are gorgeous and perfect for fall. I have to admit I have no knowledge of eye shadows, but I am grateful for your honest review. I definitely prefer the lighter shadows and definitely don’t like mess. Thank you for reviewing this palette and suggesting other ones. =) xoxo, Christine

  4. Thanks for sharing your review. I have followed Huda on instagram for awhile now and have wondered about her products.The palette looks nice but after reading your review I think I will stick with my urban decay and MAC palettes: This was a really helpful read 🙂

  5. The palette looks amazing!! The colours are so pigmented and they have so many colour selections.
    I agree the price is quite steep..for $65 you could purchase other great brands like the naked palette (I think they came out of one recently too??)
    But to be fair the naked palette isn’t as diverse in their colour selection and I’m in love with the burgundy swatch you made!!

  6. This pallet looks amazing! I’m normally not a pallet girl because I feel like I end up sticking with one or two of the eyes shadows and the rest just chill. These are all so gun though and I seriously need to break outside of my camel colored box!

    Manda |

  7. Thanks so much for the review! I was going back and forth on ordering and you have helped me decide! I will find another palette for the $65.

  8. This palette looks amazing the colours are great i really love the rose gold, bae and trust fund. Also the price is really good I have a few friends on my gift list this year who i think would love this so will check them out. XOWP

  9. Well, I am so glad I read this before buying it! I thought it was going to be a winner, but have heard a good bit of neg. feedback on it. The Tartlette in Bloom palette has been my favorite rose gold tone palette so far! 🙂

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