Amazing destinations in Monterey

Monterey is such an amazing part of California. I have only been around the area myself one time. And multiple friends has taken road trips trough the areas. There are endless things that you can see in Monterey. I am working with today to bring you my top 5 destinations that I would love to visit. Maybe one day I will make my way by car and finally see all of these places! To learn more about Monterey County and what to see, visit See Monterey here.

Big Sur / Bixby Creek Bridge

Taking a road trip along the Pacific Coast highway is probably the number one on my list to do. And also one of the most common road trips to take. Starting here in Los Angeles, I would work my way up to Big Sur which is an amazing destination in Monterey County. Breath taking view, gorgeous nature and the beautiful Bixby Creek Bridge. Bixby Creek Bridge just happens to be the most photographed bridge in California due to it’s architectural design and beautiful surroundings. What could be more rewarding after hours of driving than stopping here and just enjoy the moment?

Monterey Big Sur Bixby Creek Bridge

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Chateau Julien Wine Estate

Started by the Bower family, for over 30 years wine has been produced on the estate. Chateau Julien Wine Estate contains of 16 acres of land and all of the wine is made from local grown grapes. All the production is taking place on the estate and has almost 2000 oak barrels of wine. Chateau Julien is only one of several wine estates in the Monterey area, but definitely the one with, to me, the most charm.

Monterey Chateau Julien

Image source; GreatAmericanWineGroup 

Old Fisherman’s Wharf

The old fisherman’s wharf of Monterey served as a fish marked in the 1960s. As the fishing business toned down the area became a tourist attraction. Here you can come to visit local shops and restaurants who of course have a ton of amazing seafood. Go fishing in the beautiful waters, or go sailing. Watch the wildlife of the bay including whales, sea otters, seals, pelicans and other animals.

Monterey Fishermans Wharf

Image source via flickr

17-Mile Drive / Pebble Beach

Another destination in Monterey is the famous 17-mile drive that starts in Carmel and goes on to Pacific Grove, and the other way around. the drive is about 3 hours or more long, depending on how many stops you make along the route. There are about 21 stops along the 17 mile long drive which includes golf courses, beaches, landmarks like rocks and trees, and also lookouts.

17 mile drive monterey

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Cannery Row

A small waterfront street in the part of New Monterey called Cannery Row. It used to be a number of sardine cannery factories. The last factor shut down over 40 years ago and since then the street has become famous thanks to the love Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. The old cannery buildings has transformed to hotels and restaurants. The street has become a gigantic tourist attraction, but it has kept its charm from the older days. You can also find the Monterey Bay Aquarium at the end of the Northern part of Cannery Row.


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