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Social Media 101: A New Chapter


My blog has become a huge part of my life. When I started out it was only a hobby. Now it has become so much more. My blog is my life. Blogs are where I get my inspiration and information from. My blog, and other blogs have become my life. Social media and blogging has become my main source of income, and has also become a business for me.  I know that I myself love to read blogs about tips and other peoples experiences with blogging or social media. So, this is a new chapter in my life where I am redirecting the focus of my blog. As much as I love fashion and beauty, it is no longer enough for me. I want this to be an inspirational hub for people, I want people to come here for information. Not only for pretty pictures and fun stuff.

Therefore, I am giving you this new part of the blog that I now am calling “Social Media 101”. I will be sharing stories and personal experience in blogging and dealing with different social medias. I will be sharing tips and trix on how to make your blog better. How to make your content better. I will also share some of my favorite editing apps, along with some photography tips. With me being in the blogging game since I was 14, now coming up in almost 8 years, I have ton of experience. Good and bad. Along the route I have learned tons from my mistakes, and I have learned a ton from all the years of experience.

What do you want?

Right now I want you guys to help me out. I want to know what you want me to write about around this subject. There are so many things I want and can share but I want to know, what you are interested in? Leave a comment letting me know what you want to know, or learn from this new part of my blog.

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  1. I’m so happy to see this!! I’ve been following you on social media for a few years now and it’s so nice seeing your evolution! 🙂 I’m personally starting my own blog and I’m looking for tips on getting a good affordable quality camera and cool tips for editing photos. Also I’d like tips on how to be more seen on Bloglovin’. Lots of love! And thank you for coming up with this idea 😀
    my blog:

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