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Hourglass Ambient Lightning palette


In February I finally dwcided to get my hans on, probably one of the last, Ambient Lightning palettes from Hourglass. Simply because I wanted it and had swatched it in store before she it got out. The only thing stopping me from being it earlier was definitely the price. $80 for this little thing but oh my it was so worth the money once I finally got it. I remember watching it in Sephora and just being like wow I want it, but my bank account won’t allow it right now.

The packaging is just so luxurious and it has a huge mirror on the inside making it the absolute perfect palette on the go. The powders are not only highlights but can also be used to matte down and just brighten up a little bit. The Ambient Lightning palette was part of the 2015 Holiday limited edition from Hourglass and is therefore not sold anymore, unless you can find it somewhere. Hourglass do however have a smaller 3 blush palette now as well as singles. But all of those have a significantly lesser value than it would beeen to have gotten this one palette instead. IMG_3784 IMG_3785

The palette comes with 3 blushes and 3 highlights / brightening powders. And oh my god, the pigmentation on these are amazing! They are also so, so smooth and it also barely looks like you are using any of the product because the payoff is great.



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