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Newly opened restaurant Baldoria in Koreatown, DTLA offers not only an astonishing and beautifully interior. But, also food and drinks that noticeable has been carefully crafted where every little detail has been accounted for. The dishes are also meant to be shared and are therefore made in several smaller pieces. I was one of the very lucky people to get to visit them and experiencing what they had to offer. This is truly a spot for anything. Whether it is a lazy sunday brunch with your friends or for taking a drink with that cute guy you just met. (And believe me when Im saying that you WANT to show people this place because that is how amazing it is). We arrived at a Sunday at noon. What surprised me the most was that we were the first customers of the day. The two guys that greeted us were so passionated and friendly when talking and explaining everything about the drinks, the food and the restaurant. And we could clearly see why. It is definitely a hidden gem located at the edge of Koreatown below some huge apartment complexes.

IMG_3955Lets start with the drinks. I went for a traditional Bloody Mary (oh god I’m so boring) while my friend went with the Baldorian Cold Brew that they brew in house. How cool isn’t that? It has the special coffee vodka with amaretto and orange bitters. It was pretty strong, but really good! We were both pretty amazed by this huge ice cube and just found it amazing. If you check out Baldorias Instagram (or tags from there) you can see that most drinks are served with this single, huge, ice cube. IMG_3957

Since I had seen a few of my fellow Instagram friends visiting this spot before me I had already seen some of the amazing food that was being served. I already had my eyes out on the chicken waffles that were topped with some special Whistle Pig barrel aged syrup. This was actually my first time ever eating chicken and waffles. It is really not something we would eat in Sweden and the last time I went to a waffle place with my friends I ordered a regular waffle with fruit on while they tried the chicken waffle and claimed it had changed their life. So, of course what better time to try it then now? IMG_3960

We also got the Mrs. Croque pizza with Black forest ham, Grand Cru gruyere, browned butter béchamel and egg on top. It was so yummy! The pizza crust was baked just right and the gruyere cheese gave a great taste together with the ham. You could distinctly taste the yummy browned butter as well. My favorite thing was to spread the perfectly cooked egg and let the yolk soak into the pizza.


Lastly, the chef sent out a complimentary heirloom tomato and grilled peach salad. Super fresh and very light. Tomatoes and peaches topped with burrata and a 6 year balsamic. So, saying that I loved this place is probably an understatement. Every dish has thoughtfully been cooked and every ingredient has been carefully selected. The dishes are made with only the best ingredients and the guys were so wonderfully passionate about telling us where all the products are from or how they had been made which a lot of places won’t tell you. I will absolutely go back there, and I hope that whoever sees this and can go there do so as well.


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  1. Hur är det att bo i LA? var där i april i 3 dagar och tyckte det verkade underbart 😀

    SV; Åh jag beklagar 🙁
    Man får väl helt enkelt ta en dag i taget, kan inte riktigt tänkta på framtiden längre för jag vet liksom inte om jag är intresserad av en :/

  2. Va skönt! Ja det verkar svårt tycker jag att över huvudtaget komma in i USA haha. Skulle gärna flytta dit jag med nån gång, men kommer väl förmodligen bli kvar i Sverige.

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