The Denim Jacket

I think that the search for the perfect denim jacket never ends. But, I did find one that I absolutely love at TopShop and it has been my holy grail and my got to jacket for the past weeks. You can get this jacket here. (The dress is also from TopShop)

To be honest the blog has fallen back – much because I am working so, so much. The difference of being in school full time and working full time is so big. Especially coming from a Community college into the adult world of work. I am still managing and trying to find a balance to do both because THIS is what I love to do. And no matter how much fun or how great I feel about waking up everyday and going to work it is definitely taking a toll on me. But still, I feel like my blog is growing more and more even if I spend less time on it. Isn’t that funny?

IMG_3732IMG_3736 IMG_3735


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