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Lancôme sent me this amazing package with beauty goodies. I literally died as I opened the box and a ton of beauty products were in there. I essentially got 6 different products but a lot of them cam e in a ton of different colors and shades. I have actually never tried any beauty products from Lancôme before si I was super excited about this package and to try some beauty products from them! All the products that I got focuses on the eyes so I received the Cils Booster XL which is a Mascara primer as well as the Hypnose Drama Mascara. For the eyelids I got the Color Design Eyeshadow Palette in the shade 108 Beige Brulée as well as the Drama-Liquid-Pencil and the Artliner. I also got the Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. All these products can be found at Sephora.

The packaging for all the items are overall really nice and feels very luxurious. The eyeshadow palette has a mirror inside as well.

IMG_2907 IMG_2908

The eyeshadow palette is really nice and soft, almost creamy, and gives a nice color payoff. I love the neutrals in this particular one and it is totally what I would wear for and everyday makeup look. It contains of 4 matte shadows and one shimmer. As for the mascara I do really like it. It gives you a normal length and some volume. The primer that I also got helps adding even more length before putting on the Mascara. But this is not my absolute favorite Mascara, that I have to say.


Now these eyeliner pencils have probably become my absolute favorite eyeliners, ever! One applied they stick and won’t smudge or come off unless you use some sort of liquid to remove it. Praise the lord because summer and heat is here and I can wear eyeliner without worrying about it now! The eyeliner pencil , also called Drama Liquid-Pencil comes in a ton of different colors and shades and of course my favorites are the black, brown and white ones. Most of them do have some shimmer in them, but it won’t be that noticeable unless you draw a thick line. IMG_2920IMG_2985

Now the Artliner is more of a liquid pen that draws much finer lines. Just like the pencil the colors have shimmer in them. I would say that the Artliner has more shimmer in them. I do like them both a lot but the Pencil is my personal preference and it also comes in a ton of different fun colors. As you can see the Artliner has much brighter colors to choose from and the eyeliner almost look metallic once dried. So does some of the eyeliner pencils but not all of them. IMG_2922 IMG_2919 IMG_2980


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