The New Secret Outlast Xtend

As a blogger who’s always on the move between work and play, it’s important to me to have a deodorant that keeps up with my everyday life. Secret recently launched a new line of deodorants called Secret Outlast Xtend that guarantees 48-hour odor protection, making it the perfect deodorant for the person-on-the-go who needs some extended protection throughout the day. I partnered up with Secret to review the both the Invisible Solid and Clear Gel Formulas from the Outlast Xtend collection to see which one I liked better!

Though I’m a lifelong fan of gel deodorants, I took both formulas to the test to see if they would really keep up with me for 48 hours. I used the Clear Gel formula under my right arm and the Invisible Solid formula under my left to really experience the differences during the same daily routine.


Application, look and smell

I applied both of the formulas in the afternoon after taking a shower.

First off, the Invisible Solid! This formula has a patented active enhancer which stops odor before it even starts, and within a minute or two after application, I could definitely feel the soft layer of protection against my skin. You can actually feel the deodorant working! I tried out the Active Fresh scent, which I really enjoyed.

The Clear Gel solution had a much smoother application, and also has an added a layer of active ingredients for longer lasting odor protection. I noticed that the Clear Gel formula did feel a little wetter than the Invisible Solid formula – but the good news: there was no residue left behind, so you definitely don’t have to worry about any white marks on clothing! I tried the Clean Lavender scent which was a little bit more noticeable than Active Fresh.

You can just about see the differences between the two formulas here. The gel is clearer while the solid formula has just a faint white layer to it.


24 hours after application.

I’m not saying that I have the hardest job. But I do stand in a Market store and the temperature isn’t always the nicest. Some days we are lucky and it’s just nice, but some days it can either be freezing cold or so warm that you can’t stand it! On this particular day, the weather was warm but not so warm that my body was sweating. Right away after work, I got home and did a 40-minute workout: The workout left my body sweaty, but I didn’t feel like I smelled and my underarms were surprisingly much drier than the rest of my body!

Final thoughts

I was very pleased with the new Outlast Xtend collection. After trying both, I think I am now a bigger fan of the Invisible Solid formula since it kept me dry and feeling fresh throughout the day

Secret Outlast Xtend comes in quite a few scents, Active Fresh, Clean Lavender, Completely Clean, Protecting Powder, Sport and Unscented, ensuring there is a scent for everyone. Because it provides 48-hour odor protection, Outlast Xtend really is great for action-packed days. It really gives me a boost of confidence, knowing I never have to stop and worry about a potential deo fail.

You can try it for yourself! The suggested retail price is $4.29—but you can request one FREE sample here with the code PL76XS!

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