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While at the airport in Mexico I could not handle myself from going into the MAC store. I blame having Ellie with me as the makeup freak she is as well. And I ended up buying a few things as I figured out that I would save a few bucks buying it there instead of here. But of course Whirl was sold out so I am going to have to order it and Im pretty sure I will do so any day now. Anyway, I decided to get two lip pencils as I have none from MAC, as well as two new lipsticks. If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen a picture of them but I purchased Kinda Sexy and Mocha and I am in Love with the colors. For the lip pencils I purchased Soar and Spice.

I have grown very found of lipsticks lately and especially the ones from MAC. I love how they have so many different finishes, matte, satin, lustre, amplified, among others. I can walk in and say that I want a matte lipstick and then I just browse through all the gorgeous shades, until I find one. Or, I can walk in and be like, I want a plum lipstick today. And I can find several purple lipsticks with different finishes and pick the one that I like the best. Sure, MAC is on the pricier side but if it is something that I love I don’t mind spending the extra bucks.

Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks in Kinda Sexy and Mocha Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks in Kinda Sexy and Mocha MAA Cosmetics Lip Pencils in Soar and Spice

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