A perfect gift for him

Picking out gifts for anyone is already hard as it is. Picking out a gift for a guy that you like, are dating, or your loved one is even harder! Not that I am seeing anyone right now, but when I did I loved to give them gifts at some special occasions and would really put thought and tim into picking out the right thing. I personally feel that it is so much easier to buy gifts to a girl because there is so much more items to choose from. A girl can never have too many dresses, or shoes, or bracelets. But guys? So, so much harder.


I got the opportunity to try (yes, I got to try) the new Legend Spirit perfume from Montblanc. The perfume has a woody smell of cedar, oak moss and sandalwood but also the fresh scents of grapefruit, zesty bergamo and peppercorn making it smell so amazing together with white musk. And Im not just saying this, I would love if a guy I was dating smelled like this! So, I will probably save this perfume around and when time comes whoever I date will get it.

The design of the bottle is super minimalistic with a white bottle and the signature silver top and cap. If you cant make it to Cancun, head over to the Montblanc website and play to see where your spirit takes you. The Montblanc Legend Spirit is available at Macys and retails for $25-$85 and you also get a free gift with your purchase.



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