Clean your makeup brushes in a sweep

One of the things that I probably should be better at doing is deep cleaning my makeup brushes. But, I have found the best solution to clean them in between use so that they don’t have to be deep cleaned as often. It is truly very simple and you only need one thing (well maybe two).

IMG_1916 IMG_1917

The product that I use is the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner and I highly recommend it to anyone, professional or not, to clean your brushes in between uses! I use the tin from Cinema Secrets as well to put the brush cleaning formula in, but you can really use any tin or bowl for that. I dip the tip of my brushes usually, the guid says to dip your brush 1/4 into the formula but a little goes a long way. If there still makeup on your brush just repeat. I usually just swipe the brushes on a kleenex.

So here is the before and after. Do you see how much cleaner my brushes are? And it took me less then 5 minutes to clean all of my brushes! They also dries within a minute so that you can use them almost instantly after cleaning them.

IMG_1918 IMG_1921 IMG_1922


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