Vintage Celine & Christian Dior

Every now and then I spend some time, and money, tracking down and finding myself the perfect vintage designer bag. I take to a lot of different websites and sellers to find something that I like. Keeping in mind to see what kind of damages the bags have, comparing to the selling price and also trying to find a deal. I usually don’t splurge like I did with these but I could not help myself. A classic black will last a lifetime and longer! I have another vintage Celine that I cherish with my life, and I don’t regret spending every penny on it. Buying vintage, or  hands down designer bag will save you so much more money then buying a new one. But if you don’t like to buy something other people have used, thats fine too. Just be aware of who and where you are buying, especially if you do so online. Vintage is however a bit trickier, but you can always bring it in to a store to get some expert help.

This cross body Celine is slightly bigger then the other one I have and will have room for some more items. And, I just fell in love with the Christian Dior bucket bag. Bucket bags are so in style right now and what better then to have one that most people won’t have? I just love all the hardware details and to my surprise the cosmetic wear was barely even noticeable. The Celine had a little bit more wear but I love the way vintage looks. IMG_1815 IMG_1813 IMG_1812


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