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Billion Dollar Brows were kind enough to send me their Best Sellers Kit as well as their 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit to try out. I believe in that the brows really define your whole face and is the most important feature to take care of. I don’t mind going without makeup but I really like to fill in at least my eyebrows. Billion Dollar Brows focuses solely on eyebrows only which made me really excited. If a company only does one thing I feel like they should really know what they are doing.

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Lets start with the Best Sellers Kit. The Best Sellers Kit includes a Universal Brow Pencil that is formulated to work with different skin tones and hair colors and it is completed with a spool brush on the other end for blending it out. It also includes a Brow Duo Pencil which has a concealer on one side and a highlighter on the other. This really helps to define and lift your eyebrows. A Smudge Brush is also included to help applying and blending out the concealer or highlighter. Finishing off we have a Clear Brow Gel to set your brows.

As for the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit we only have two products. A Brow Brush and a Brow Powder in Taupe. I believe the taupe color works for most skin tones and hair colors just like the Universal Brow Pencil.

IMG_0915_2 copy

Before and after.

To the left you have the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit and to the right The Best Sellers Kit. As you can see they both defined my brows well and filled in any gaps. Now of course the Best Sellers Kit looks better with some highlighting and the eyebrow looks even more defined. Now be aware of that I am not wearing any other makeup on these before or after pictures except from the eyebrow products. The highlighter/concealer blends a little bit better if you even out your skin tone before.

I you are a beginner on eyebrows or just want to have a nice quick fix kit these are really good and I would definitely recommend them to you or as gift to someone else. Below is the finished look after applying some makeup to my face and eyes.

IMG_0922 IMG_0925

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