Essilor Eyezen protects your eyes

I received The Essilor Eyezen glasses a few weeks back and have been using them frequently while lounging at home watching tv or sitting in front of my computer working. These are not glasses with regular lenses. The lenses are designed specifically to protect your eyes from all the harmful blue light from screen devices and eliminates digital eye strain. Our eyes are not supposed to look at these screens all the time and we are constantly harming ourselves without even thinking about it. Eyezen glasses are available for anyone, prescription or not! That is why I found them so interesting since I don’t have a prescription and have had perfect sight my whole life – and Im not about to ruin my sight just because I sit in front of a screen.


Eyezen has a variety of frames to choose from and I chose the Dolce Gabbana frames since I think they were the ones that would suit me the best. Now as you can see there is a slightly blue hue to the lens. That is the blue light filter that is added to screen out all the harmful blue lights. The lens is clear but the reflections can show up blue. As you can see below the blue light from the screen is reflected in the glasses. Isn’t that amazing and scary at the same time?

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  1. Eyezen glasses selectively filter out harmful forms of blue light, but allow beneficial blue light to pass through. They also reduce glare, improve contrast and contribute to the prevention of the premature aging of eyes.
  2. Eyezen glasses are currently available through your Eyecare Professional (Eye Doctor). Visit for more information and find an Eyecare Professional in your area.
  3. Eyezen glasses provide comfortable vision while using digital devices, helping you stay connected and be more productive.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Essilor . The opinions and text are all mine.


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