Liquid Lippies

The Soft Matte Lip Cream lipsticks from NYX are one of my absolute favorite liquid lipsticks. they smell like heaven, are around a great price point and are really good overall! ULTA are selling these in packs of 3 for only $11.99, one of these if bought separate is $5.99 so its like you’re paying for 2 and get 3. I decided to stock up and also used a lot o my points at ULTA to get some $$ off my purchase and ended up paying very little for a lot.

IMG_0486IMG_0487I ow a few other nude shades from previous purchase and I am in love with them. They are so soft and creamy which makes it easy to apply. It is also extremely moisturizing and the colors are very rich on most of the shades. I find that the darker shades are a little bit less intense and you need to later them a little bit. But the lighter colors are so creamy and so rich which I absolutely love. I also got another one of the Suede Cream Lipstick because I really wanted the cool grey color and it was out of stock the last time I ordered. these are probably one of the best liquid lipsticks NYX has made and I also have a few other colors of this one as well.

Down below are some swatches on my arm for both the NYX products that I got and the ULTA liquid lipsticks that I decided to try based on the websites review. so far they seem good as well but the NYX ones are still my favorites.  
IMG_0491 copy

Swathes, from left to right – Stone Fox, Artistic, Allusive, Stirring, Zurich, Istanbul, Ibiza, Prague, Antwerp, San Paulo, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, Copenhagen, Transylvania.


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